25 characters isn’t a lot. 4 words tops (and that’s if they’re short). So how the hell do you make your ads stand out?! How do you get huge click-through rates and build Quality Scores? How do you write killer PPC ad headlines? These are the questions I constantly ponder. In my opinion, they’re some of the […]The post How to Write Killer PPC Ad Headlines appeared fir Read More »
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Another test we spotted this morning, this time for the organic results in Google.co.uk. The display URLs have been moved up from below the description snippet and moved to the side just underneath the title of the organic result. Screenshot as below for the ‘car insurance’ SERPs - I personally think this makes the organic [...] Read More »
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Google AdSense updated their reporting interface today for the first time in years.  It looks sleek, uncluttered and a very minimalist version of the old interface.  If you don’t have it updated in your account, AdSense is rolling it out to all publishers over the next few days.  For those who are in the dark, [...] Read More »
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While a lot of folk seem to be discussing the link evaluation characteristic that Google might switch off from their ‘Search quality highlights: 40 changes for February‘ post, the one I have found most intriguing was - Improvements to ranking for local search results. [launch codename “Venice”] This improvement improves the triggering of Local Universal [...] Read More »
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An article about how to earn money online. Has a huge list of free backlinks. Read More »
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This Is The Opportunity To Discover How You - Or Anyone - Can Earn A Comfortable Living From Adsense... In A Paint-By-The-Numbers Fashion!"

Read On To Find Out How You Can Quickly & Easily Boost Your Monthly Income From Every web site You Create With T Read More »
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It is a sad day for Yahoo Publisher Network publishers, as the program that was once considered the best potential competitor for Google is officially shutting down. And interestingly, they are recommending Chitika as a replacement. Chitika currently resyndicates ads through the Yahoo Content Match (similar to Google’s premium publishers) so publishers can still run [...] Read More »
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Web traffic is very important to earn from your website. Every one wants to get huge web traffic to his/her blog. By huge traffic, probability of getting  more revenue from advertisements on your blog increases. Search engines like Google likes blogs who are getting more traffic, thus if you have more traffic then visibility of your blog…Read More Read More »
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Another SES Chicago is around the corner (and it’s not in December!) and I will be speaking on Thursday October 21, 2010. My session is Marketing in the Content Networks Clinic bright and early at 10:45, following the morning keynote by Googles Maile Ohye. Marketing in the Content Networks Clinic is where people can bring [...] Read More »
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A lot of people are now building their own blogs but did you know that you can also earn as much money by writing for other people’s blogs. There are actually several ways for you to do this and you can choose the one that you are interested with. There are now so many people…Read More Read More »
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Well is it possible to earn money online in fun ways? It is not fun earning money online usually. Hard work is the prerequisite in most of the cases to earn money online like paid surveys, affiliate marketing to blogging, freelancing etc. But there are some really fun ways by which you can earn money…Read More Read More »
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JenSense suffered a database failure, and one of the side effects was the database ate dozens of posts. While I was restoring some of the corrupted posts (thank you Google Webmaster Tools for showing the 404s and archive.org for all the content of those blog posts) I was reminded of the case of Theresa B. [...] Read More »
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