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Web hosting comes with a multitude of hosts utilizing Linux platforms and the Windows platform. The Windows platform comes naturally for some people, mainly because they use Windows as their home operating system, but it is also possible to use any other platform regardless of the system.
As you know I love contests and have done a ton of them but this one takes the cake! If you haven’t signed up for the ShoeMoney Network yet – here is 15k+ worth of reasons to do so! I talked the other day about cleaning out my closet for charity with some items I had on eBay. But the rest I am giving away to ShoeMoney Network users that refer other users. See this video for full details: The Thunderbolt display and iPhones are new the others are used. Its your choice to either take the item or I
I’m still combing through the oodles of replies that were sent when I asked what you struggle with the most. Certain answers like “I need more traffic” or “I need content ideas” were not a surprise (I addressed those struggles in this post), but a lot of you are stuck in the “getting started” mode. Some of you explained why you […]
Be prepared for your newborn with this list of baby essentials. Learn what you need for the baby and how you can save money buying items for your new baby.
Have you ever considered to manage all your domain names from one centralized place? Or just did not like the idea of being “tied” to one particular host? With recently launched Niche Domain Name, you will be able to do just that, have all your domain names in one place. You can use the newly […]

About 2 months ago, my new beginners web design book hit the stores in North America and the UK. It's been selling really well ... beyond my expectations.

If you are interested in learning web design (HTML5, CSS3, Mobile design and more ...) from scratch, with an easy going conversational style, buy my book!


Right now, you can buy it for
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$16.26 on Amazon. It's some of the best writing I've ever done.

You can download the project files for the book on the book's website.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach here, or through the books website.



by Jayson DeMers

In the game of SEO, social media networks are becoming more important than ever. And out of all the social platforms, LinkedIn is perhaps the fastest rising star as it relateIn the game of SEO, social media networks are becoming more important than ever. And out of all the social platforms, LinkedIn is perhaps the fastest rising star as it relates to SEO.
LinkedIn has more
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power to impact rankings than it generally gets credit for. It began as a tiny, networking startup, but as of the start of 2015, LinkedIn has managed to rack up 364 million members in the 13 years since its founding.
A website with that much attention can't be ignored by search engine ranking algorithms. It's especially lucrative for B2B companies, since more than 50 percent of them are finding new buyers through LinkedIn. The underlying networking structure makes it especially relevant for searches in the B2B realm.
The open-publishing aspect of LinkedIn, the ability to post job descriptions, and the capacity to reach out to other firms all provide further benefits. Getting results from these methods isn't easy as you might think, though; it may require some changes to your strategy and a little more effort.
Here are a few suggestions. 
1. Polish Your Profile 
Your profile should be complete to attain the SEO power it's capable of. Many businesses haven't taken the trouble to update their page, however.
It should include information about your company, a link to your website, your company's physical address, a high-quality photo, and any other relevant information. 
A polished profile will strongly improve your rankings for branded search terms, which can go a long way toward protecting your reputation online in organic search results. Take a look at the LinkedIn page for Park West Gallery, one of the largest art galleries in the world, for an example of a polished profile. It not only has information about the business, but also job postings.
With this data on the page, Park West becomes relevant for a variety of search terms, which will add relevance to its desired ranking keywords, boosting its rankings for branded and keyword-related queries not only in Google and Bing, but also for searches conducted in LinkedIn itself. 
2. Optimize Job Descriptions
Job descriptions on LinkedIn can also enhance SEO visibility. When users search for related keywords or branded terms in Google or Bing, your job description published on LinkedIn can display in search results. To achieve this, begin by focusing on the keywords in the job title. The more specific you can be in your job description, the better. Search engines are more likely to display your company profile if it's pointing to something specific rather than generic. 
As a word of caution, avoid keyword stuffing. You don't want to miss out on keywords with your LinkedIn content, but you don't want it to appear spammy either.
Search engines can tell the difference between relevant keywords within an article on a profile page and keywords used with no context. 
3. Reach Out to Influencers 
An effective tactic for getting your page noticed by search engines is bringing it to the attention of important people. Reaching out to super connectors is a great idea, particularly if they're influential within your field.
Following influencers will give you insight into how other companies and marketers are using SEO to get better rankings. Matthew Capela, best-selling author and founder of Alphametic, has developed a list of top SEO super connectors to be following on LinkedIn.
With the help of these social geniuses, you'll be able to discover new ways that LinkedIn can get more attention for your business. 
Creating brand exposure through SEO is a common goal for most digital marketers, and LinkedIn is becoming more of a tool for doing so. Smart marketers are including LinkedIn as part of their strategy in order to attract more brand exposure and search visibility.

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Apple Inc recently asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn an appellate court decision that found that the company conspired with five publishers to raise ebook prices.

Apple pleaded with the high court on Wednesday to review the previous June …

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Over the last year content marketing has really taken off for e-commerce sites. More businesses are wanting to relish the benefits of producing creative content. I’m not just referring to the product descriptions, but other more exciting forms of content like product tutorials and user-generated content. It’s this type of content that helps you to differentiate […]

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