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I wanted to share with you this quick and effective social media strategy to grow Facebook page likes, email opt-ins, and tweets for your company. As you know, growing Facebook likes isn’t easy unless you are willing to throw a bunch of money at fan advertising. Probably the best way to grow engagement and likes […]

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While it was acceptable in years gone by to have a website with poorly written content, this is no longer the case. In order to enjoy successful content marketing, it is imperat

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ive that your readers are provided with top-quality content that is able to answer all of their questions.

Provide Content That Is Media Rich As Well As Readable

These days, many people do not have the time to read through lengthy online articles. This is why it is important to provide them with an alternative solution that is able to supply the information they require in a condensed format.

For example, you may still want to provide written content for readers, but you may want to consider adding a short video that contains the main points of the article. In most cases, the content will still be read by those who have watched the video, provided that the video itself has successfully captured their interest.

Supply Appropriate Images

It is a known fact that articles or blog posts that contain images are visited more often than those that don't. However, when using images, it is important to use images that are of a high quality and that are relevant to the content they are being associated with.

As with any content, it is crucial to ensure that you either use your own images or those that you have been granted full permission to use. Failure to do so can result in costly lawsuits, which could spell the end of your website or blog.

Ensure That Content Is Easy To Read

Simplicity is key when it comes to successful content marketing. When doing your content writing ensure your blog posts or entries are easy to scan for important information. One of the easiest ways to do this is to put the most important information from your posts in bullet or numerical format throughout your content. This enables readers to determine what the content is saying without having to read more than what is necessary.

Include Links To Your Social Media Profiles

Most writers find that placing "like," "share," "pin" or "tweet this" buttons at the top and bottom of their content is among the easiest ways to get their work shared across multiple social media sites. This means that the content has the potential to go viral across multiple social media platforms within a very short while.


Even if an article contains all of the abovementioned aspects, it will be of little purpose if the content itself is not of a high quality. Providing readers with content of a consistently high quality is one of the best ways to ensure that they are willing to return to your website.

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Written by Maciej Fita, Brandignity

If you want to stay on top of the ever changing world of affiliate marketing, you need to keep a watchful eye on the top affiliate blogs. The Twist Directory just put out a great list of the top 30 affiliate blogs. Considering I have not been blogging much lately I was surprised we made the list and came out in the #13 spot. Thanks! Check the rest and be sure you are subscribed to all the RSS feeds.
Guest post by Kayleigh-Ann Smith (Kaz) my feature writer on several of my websites. Hello!! I am Kaz and I go by the nickname Luna – I am a bright haired, pierced and tattooed writer and I want to write for you! I write all sorts of stuff ranging from fashion, health & beauty for [...]

Selling Myself !!! – content writer looking for work

There’s certainly a healthy market for buying and selling websites to make a profit and the upside is that you don’t have to be a Larry Page to do it! The name of the game is just like many other investments. Think of it as a short-term or long-term real estate flip: look for quality […]

Hey all! Great news…we have just launched the affiliate program on the affiliate network. Bluum has a team of expert m.o.m.’s (managers of merchandising) who spend their days trying new products, meeting and getting to know brands. It’s their mission to evaluate whether a brand is a good fit to join the lineup […]

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So you've been collecting e-mail addresses from clients and prospects over the years and from time to time e-mailing them your monthly or quarterly newsletter or latest promotion. Sounds fairl

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y harmless right? Wrong!

Starting July 2014, most of Canada's anti-spam law (CASL) will to come into effect. Its conception started in 2010 and was drafted mainly to avoid address harvesting and mass spamming but will effect legitimate businesses who may be unaware they are breaking the law. What this will mean for your company among other things is that you will need to get either explicit or implied consent from your contacts before sending them information or commercial electronic message (CEM). When I say "sending", this not only includes e-mailing but SMS, text and even social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you don't comply, penalties can be as hefty as 10 million dollars and if you're an individual, one million. Also beware of class action lawsuits and statutory damages.

What if you're e-mailing existing clients your newsletters but didn't get express consent? Are you safe? Fortunately, there is a small window of exceptions that apply, this being one of them.

How Do Marketing Automation Software Companies Play A Role?

any of them such as Hubspot, Eloqua and Pardot already have implemented guidelines around e-mailing and consent, their strictness varies between. And because they are American owned, they follow CAN-SPAM whose laws vary slightly to our CASL. One main differentiator is CASL enforces opt-in permission based e-mailing while American CAN-SPAM enforces having opt-out option.

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It's a general rule of thumb contact lists degrade 25% every year so be sure to keep your e-mail fresh and current. One way to do so is to keep in touch with your contacts on a regular basis but not too frequently and of course sending highly targeted relevant information helps too. If you find they're not even opening any of your e-mails, you can send a "break up" e-mail giving them the option to select "continue receiving our information". Why would you voluntarily want to give your recipients an "out", you ask? Effective e-mail marketing has to earn the interests of its audience in order to be true inbound marketing. If your recipient doesn't find your e-mails of value, you've got the wrong person.

Having proper consent from your e-mail recipients will not only prevent you from getting an investigation from your marketing automation tool which can have flags to detect unusually high bounce rates and the like or worse yet, receiving a complaint from a recipient (which by the way, would give them full right to ban you from using their e-mail service altogether), it would also help you from getting a federal charge with a seriously hefty fine if found guilty.

What's The Lesson? Send E-mails To Those Who "Want" It.

Permission can be garnered in a few ways by; dropping a business card into bowl with a sign "be on our e-mail list" at a conference, filling in a form online, written or verbal consent or having done business with you in the last two years.

Post from: Search Engine People SEO BlogHow To Avoid a $10 million Dollar Fine When E-mail Marketing

Written by Gina Hamilton,

Our client and favorite affiliate network, Share Results, has a good post I wanted to share. They offer tips for rejuvenating your affiliate program including: performing benchmarking analysis, motivating affiliates and doing a program audit. Rejuvenate your Affiliate Program | Share Results Has your affiliate program got you down? Do you feel like it’s in [...]
It’s some time since my last post and during that time things have been moving at a hectic pace. My affiliate activities while still an important stream of income now play second fiddle to my first faltering steps as a merchant, in November Gluten Free Food Products Limited was born and the last 2 months [...]

Crossing the divide – a new adventure

Having been discovered on YouTube during the birth of social media, it’s no wonder the young pop phenom Justin Bieber has been using his tech and social-media clout to grow his worth. Justin Bieber’s fortune tops out around $80 million, which translates to somewhere in the ballpark of $3 million in venture investments. You might be […]
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