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I sell Watkins Products, if you have any questions please feel free to send me an email Doug
Get a mentor and don't try to go it alone.
I honestly have no idea! Good Luck.
Here's another url that reps are using: Someone just called and asked me about it.
Thank you for additional information! I agree with you, that the research point is very, very important because Internet is so full of different scams. I think that firstly would be very important to find some sources about which you get reviews that they really are paying!
j11_cook: I have had some problems with google adsense. I had a previous account with them under a different login that was approved, so they will not approve my new application with them. I still have access to the e-mail that I signed up with them previously, but adsense will not let me login with...
Could it be that google is now falling inlove with hubpages? Initially when I joined these forums, everybody was praising Squidoo as far as traffic generating is concerned, but i had a different experience.
the bigger key isn't if you get indexed but if you stay. get backlinks and a variety of them in your niche.
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