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Guest Post by Imran Ali

This short article is for the beginners who want to know that what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from affiliate marketing. Let us start by defining the term “Affiliate Marketing”.

It is a simple concept. In affiliate marketing you are actually trying to sell the products of others. For every sale made by your reference, you will be getting a percentage of sales as your sales commission. There are many online stores and shops where people are selling their products. If you can refer the interested people to their websites, you will be
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earning a good amount of money every month.

Now let us discuss that how can you start this online business and what are the initial requirements. Although affiliate marketing can be done without having a website, but it is recommended to get a website as this makes the work easier. Before making your website, you should select a niche or topic of the website. It is recommended that you should choose the topic of your interest. For example, if you are a student of medical sciences then you should choose some common disease as a topic of your website. Let’s say you have a good knowledge about acne and acne treatments. Then you should make a website about different methods of acne treatment.

Write 5-10 initial posts about acne and acne treatment on your website. After that you should keep on adding the articles on your website after few days. Two articles per week is OK for your new website. After your website is ready, you need to add the links of products for selling. There are many websites from where you can get the products link to sell products online. The most famous website is Amazon. I recommend you to start your affiliate marketing work with Amazon.

You can register free on Amazon. After registration, search the site and select some top selling products that match with the topic of your website. As your website is about acne, then you should select the top acne products for promotion. Get the links, banners and Ads of these products with your Affiliate ID embedded in the link. Now add these links, banners, images and other Ads on your website pages. Thats it, your website is now ready to sell the products.

But you are still missing a most important thing, the traffic. You need to attract people to your website who are interested to know about acne and acne treatment. For this purpose you need to promote and advertise your website. You should join the discussion groups and participate in the discussions and leave the link of your website in your signature area. You can also write short articles and submit to article directories with your website link in the Author’s area. In this way your website popularity will be increasing with the passage of time and you will start getting some visitors on your website. Some of these visitors will click on your affiliate links and will buy some products. For each sale, you will get your profit.

Author Bio:
Imran Ali writes about how to earn online money methods in his blog,
Worldvillage has been an information website run by Joel Comm for many years where Joel shared AdSense revenue with the content contributors of Worldvillage. Recently Joel made a dramatical change to Not just the theme of the site was re-design with a complete new look but also Worldvillage has been turning from an in
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formation website into a content publishing platform like Hubpages. Worldvillage looks good now.

Anyone can now join Worldvillage as a villager of the platform. A villager is actually a content contributor. You can contributor content in any topic you like and also you need to provide your Adsense ID to earn Adsense income in Worldvillage.

For each article that you published on Worldvillage, your AdSense ads will be displaying on your Article page. Joel is offering 50:50 AdSense sharing basis where your AdSense ads will appear on your article pages 50% of the time. So, if your article have been viewed by visitors for 100 times, your AdSense would have showed up 50 times. This is how you make money with AdSense in Wordvillage.

You can contribute as many article as possible to get the maximum article views and Adsense revenue. Wordvillage is a large content platform getting a lot of search engine traffic daily. So, if you are writing good articles constantly, your article pages could attract good amount of search engine traffic which is going to boost up your Adsense income.

Besides this, you are allowed to include your anchor text links in your article pages. This will give your site or blog free quality and relevant backlinks. And also you can expect some traffic directed from your Worldvillage article pages to your site.

You can get started on Workdvillage by filling out a simple sign up form on
I'm sure you want to know quickly how to start making money online. There are tons of information that you can find from Google which show you how to start on the Internet to make money. But doing so could consume a lot of your time and you could end up confused on how to get started as the information websites often provide insufficient details.

For these reasons, you need a complete money making guide that you can get obtain right away so that you can start making money online quickly. Ross Williams has put together a package of
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cursor: pointer; width: 200px; height: 52px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5467587896572771106" border="0" />money making resource that contains full details of starting on the Internet. These money making resources are just right for you. You can get full access to the entire package of money making resource of Ross by joining

You'll discover 4 legitimate ways to generate income online in Ross Williams's money making resource:

1) Affiliate Marketing Using Clickbank and Google AdWords

Ross has been making a good living with affiliate marketing. He prepared an affiliate marketing course to share his experience and teach others to earn with affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you will promote other people's product or service online and earn commission every time you refer a sale.

Ross's affiliate marketing course will teach you to promote and market the products of Clickbank affiliate network. You'll promote the affiliate products by advertising on Google search engine. Through Google AdWords program, you can place different contextual ads on Google to promote your affiliate products. Ross will provide you a step-by-step guide to start in this business.

This online business doesn't require you to build a website and develop your product. But it does cost some investment. You'll invest in Google AdWords advertising to generate affiliate commission with Clickbank's products. It's worth a try as affiliate marketing offers high earning potential.

2) Work at Home Job Database
There are actually quite a lot of at home jobs that people can do with a computer and Internet access. As a member of, you are given access to a huge database of real employers looking to hire individuals willing to work at home. These employers usually pay in hourly basis. The job opportunities they offer are writing, data entry, translating, sales, tutoring, assistants, transcription, processing, coding and many more.

3) Paid Survey
Hundreds of market research companies reward people who can spend some time to complete their surveys online. Completing online survey is easy. Anyone has no problem doing it. For those who need a source of extra income, they can consider doing paid surveys.

4) eBay Selling
eBay selling is another low cost business that you can think of starting one. eBay allows you to list any items for sale. With a little listing fee you pay, you can run an auction for a period of time to sell your item. Perhaps the biggest question is where to find good demand product to sell on eBay? Well, in the member area of, you'll find out how you can get high demand products to list on eBay without required to pay for the inventory first. In fact, you don't even need to keep the inventory. You pay for the product (inventory) only when you've sold the item to a customer.

Ok. Once you have chosen the money making opportunity and started to work on it, you found something that you don't understand or encounter any difficulty, just contact the support of Ross has designed a personal 1 on 1 coaching where the one of the team of Ross will assist and work with you closely.

Join Now to Get the Money Making Resource and Start Working to Making Money Online.
Guest Post by Anil Gupta

Facebook has not only become a popular social medium, but also a medium where lot can happen in few minutes and few seconds. And all this while if you were thinking about doing business and making friends have been difficult, then out here in Facebook you’d have all the good things happening in front of you. But in spite of all these things there are many popular myths shrouding Facebook. The 5-most common myths of them are:

Myth-1- Facebook alone will get you clients and customers

Just think for a second! This is a greatest myth for t
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he small business owners. By simply being on Facebook is no guarantee that your business will increase by volumes. It is very true and credible that Facebook helps in exposing and boosting the brand online. Your brand reaches out to millions, but the statement that your business will run solely on Facebook, is just a Myth.

Myth-2- Facebook Will Charge for the Services

This is absolutely not true. There are no immediate plans designed by the Facebook creators to charge for any kind of advertising. There is absolutely no registration fee for the new Facebook users. No, absolutely not!

Myth-3- Facebook's Founder Mark Zuckerberg Took the Idea Second Hand from Harvard Student Oriented Website

Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand had taken the idea from the simple interface website known as Facemash. The website allowed student community to compare and rate the pictures online, and which led to enhanced interaction.

Myth-4- Talks are Around to Procure Facebook for few billion dollars by Yahoo etc. However, all these turned out to be petty rumors

As per the internal early 2009 internal appraisal of Facebook, the online website has its current worth held at $4 billion, which is 4 times more than what Yahoo ($1 Billion) proposed to offer. In the interview to the Time Magazine, Facebook’s Founder expressed his opinion that selling Facebook is not the central focal point. On the contrary, Facebook wants to develop a more comprehensive base for interacting with the online audience.

Myth-5- Facebook Jeopardizes the Social Skills

Facebook offers an easier connects between the relatives and the friends at an extremely faster rate than any other way. The very idea that Facebook is turning the world, especially the younger lot into Hermits is not completely true. According to University of Cambridge Studies about the Facebook, it is found that Facebook offers amazing tools where relationships can foster and turn out to be fruitful.

Author Bio:
Anil Gupta writes about Making Money Online, Seo, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Social media related topics like Facebook Fan Page Promotion on his ScopeForMoney blog.
Facebook is now the biggest and the most widely used social media site on the Internet. Most Internet users have a Facebook account now and the majority of them are active in networking in Facebook. This created good traffic generation and revenue generation opportunities for people.

If you are doing something on the Internet to
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make money whether it's an online business, blogging, web publishing or freelancing, Facebook can help you. There are a number of things that you can do on Facebook which will boost up your traffic and profitability. Robert Grant from have been successful using Facebook as a source of steady targeted traffic to his business website and converting the targeted traffic into income. He has prepared a series of video tutorials with loads of information showing you how Facebook can drive good amount of traffic and make you money. The entire video series can be access at:

It's totally free to access to videos and information. If you want to take advantage on Facebook to improve your online business profit, these free video series of Robert can help you out. You'll learn at least eight things that you can start doing on Facebook to make more money online......
Last week was really a nightmare to me. On the last Wednesday morning when I was about to publish a new blog post to, I experienced an error of publication. I checked around in the Blogger dashboard to see what's happening and found that my blog has been detected by the Blogger's Spam-Prevention Robot as 'S
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pam'. And the system suspended my blog immediately as well. I wasn't panic when I first see this because I have experienced the similar case before. So, I went ahead to click on the 'Restore link' which show up after my blog being suspended. After clicking the 'Restore link', a request was sent automatically to the Blogger team to review my blog and have the blog restored.

Then after about 5 minute I can't seem to use the Blogger Dashboard anymore. So I tried to login to my Blogger account again. I can't get in. There is an error message said that my Blogger account has been disabled. At this moment, I started worrying so I checked my Inbox and read a new email received from The email said my blog has been reviewed and permanently deleted.

I'm so disappointed and hard to accept the lost of the blog. My mood down to the bottom. I can't seem to do anything because the email from Blogger team said has been permanently deleted.

So how I got my blog back online?

I'm not so sure if it was me who brings the blog back online.

The next few days of my blog deleted, I did some searches on Google to see if anyone encountered the similar situation and managed to get his/her blog back online. Guest what I found a guy that was managed to get his blog restored after deleted! He contacted the Blogger team in IT department. Someone in replied his request and restored his blog. When I read this, I'm feeling a little hope. I went ahead to send an email to the Blogger team to ask that if it is still possible to have my blog back online. I also apologize for any spam that I might have done unintentionally.

Few days later I was able to login to my Blogger account again but the blog still hasn't restored. I clicked the 'Restore Link' in my Blogger account again to have another restore request sent automatically to This time really works. Within about 10 hours, I checked that my blog is up again. Oh man! I'm so excited when I first saw my blog is back online. I thank a million to the Blogger team.

This is how I got my blog deleted and restored.

If you have the same situation and you are sure that your Blogspot blog isn't violated any term and condition of Blogger, I would suggest you send a polite email to the Blogger team to request your blog to be restored.

Till now I not sure if my blog was really violated any rule or policy of and causes the deletion. Over a Griz's blog, How to Make Money for Beginners, Griz pointed out that the possible reason is due to AdSense optimization of the blogger which causes detected as spam and deleted. This may be the reason. Griz gave some good points about how Blospot blogs can get banned. Blogspot blogs that Made-for-AdSense (MFA) would certainly be deleted. But how to determine a blog or site is MFA, this is still in question. A blog that lacks of content with a lot of AdSense ads is obviously MFA. But for the blogs that contains loads of content and fully optimize with AdSense, will they be seen as MFA as well? Well it's hard to tell. But the best thing we can do is always making sure that our blog or site isn't against any policy should you use AdSense or to make money onlne.

Finally thanks for everyone who welcome me back.
Guest Post by Anil Gupta

In order to make a success in blogging the quality of content is very important. However, only content cannot help in making a blog popular. You need to know about various successful tools for blog promotion. Internet is full of a large number of blog promotion tools and websites. Here are a few tools which you can use for promoting your blog.

1. MyBlogLog

You might have heard about this service before. This service is offered by Yahoo for blog promotion. Here, you would be able to meet a large number of bloggers and you can ask them to
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visit and join your blog. You may leave your comments on other people blogs and they will return the favor. It is a trusted method for blog promotion. However, a person can send only 15 messages in 24 hours if he is using MyBlogLog.

2. Technorati

Numerous bloggers have already added their blogs at this website. If you add your blog at Technorati then it will help a lot in its promotion. You can meet likeminded people here. Do not doubt the reliability of this website by focusing on its name. It is a wonderful tool for blog promotion.

3. BlogShowOff

Recently, BlogShowOff has also become a very popular tool for blog promotion. It is very simple to add your blog at this website. You would not face any problem in understanding the procedure of adding a blog at this website. After adding your blog, you will find your blog at the top of the page. Until new blogs are added at this website our blog will stay at the top.

4. Zimbio

Zimbio is another great tool for promoting blogs. It is simpler than Technorati. Wikizines is the feature which makes this tool different from others. Wikizines refer to magazines that can be edited and created by anyone. Google picks up wikizines in a very short time. Therefore, bloggers love to use Zimbio for promoting their blog.

5. Facebook

Facebook can be used to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. A large number of people use facebook at present. You can update your status with information about your blog. Here, you can also meet likeminded writers, bloggers and readers. It is very easy to use facebook. You can join communities of your interest in facebook and get people interested in your blog.

6. Digg

You can add your blog at Digg. You can add your posts and if people like it, they will digg it. More diggs indicate increased popularity of your blog. It is very easy to use Digg. Numerous people use Digg for promoting their blog. Google picks up blog posts from Digg in a fast manner.

Author Bio:
Anil Gupta blogs about Make Money Online, seo, blogging, social media topics like how to promote Facebook fan page.
Guest Post by Aiden Clark

Im sure you are very much aware that there are literally millions of different methods to make money online but choosing one that fits your specific lifestyle maybe a little harder. You may have also already experienced a fully automatic business without even knowing as there are many online marketers who use such systems.

When people search the internet for a cure to a problem, people are more likely to sign up for a newsletter or a free course that will uncover a few secrets that is related to what you these people are searching for. The inform
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ation is delivered to them automatically using an autoresponder.

If you capture the emails of these people that are interested in a certain market then you can follow up later on with valuable information and tips related to the niche and then you can recommend paid products or services on a regular basis that would benefit the person on your list.

To achieve this business model you would need to create a free course or a series of emails that would benefit your subscribers. You must provide them with something valuable in order to persuade them to sign up to your list. Useless information or free article content is not good enough and will harm your reputation.

You would then need an autoresponder service such as aweber or you can purchase software that can be installed on your own server to cut out the monthly costs. This will be used to automatically deliver your free course and to build a relationship with the subscriber, on autopilot, over a period of time.

Once you have someone on your list, it gives you the opportunity to grow a long lasting and trusted relationship with your subscriber and after a while the subscriber will be more likely to listen to your recommendations and purchase products or services through your link.

The best thing about this business model is every thing can be set up to deliver it all completely automatically which allows you to make money online for years to come without any interference from you. As long as you set up your autoresponder to send out the pre-written emails every week, you can spend your free time on advertising your landing page.

A landing page is basically a one page website that offers a free mini course or an ebook related to your market, on this page you will list the benefits or contents of the course and ask the visitor for their name and email address to receive it for free. Your autoresponder code from your service provider would be installed on this page.

Some people find it hard to believe that by offering a free course that you can actually grow a successful online business, but its a fact that the smartest marketers will not go in for the sale straight away as you may scare away the visitor. Its much easier to sell something after you have established a relationship with the potential client.

You can make sales from the same subscribers for years to come which allows you to continually grow your monthly income. Its alot easier to sell a product to an existing customer than it is to a new one. As long as you only recommend the best products within that market, you will be sure to find success using this kind of method.

Author Bio:
Aiden Clarke is an online business mentor that learns ordinary people how to start and develop a successful online business. He offers a free, 7 day course that teaches you how to copy his exact method that earns him at least $100/day. Visit today to get started.
Guest post by Michael-John WolfeIn January of 2010 I had over 6,000 visitors to my Residuals and Royalties blog and in only one month I was able to double the number of total visitors to almost 12,000. Many bloggers spend time creating quality content in hopes that they will attract visitors to their blog. The sad truth is that more often than not, quality content alone will not attract readers to a blog that is not established. The key to making money online with your blog is having a lot of unique visitors. Below is a list of things that you can do to attract more readers to your blog…Ya
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hoo Answers: Go to Yahoo answers and search for unanswered questions that are related to your blog’s topic. Give a relevant, quality answer and be sure and include a link to your blog as well. You can even copy and past your answer onto a multitude of similar questions.Ping-O-Matic: Every time that you write a new blog post, use Ping-O-Matic to submit your fresh content to a large list of search engines. This system makes it so easy to let all of the search engines know that you have new content on your blog.Guest Posts: Contact the owners of popular blogs in your niche and ask if they would mind if you created a guest post specifically for their blog. If they accept, create a well written post that will attract others to want to learn more about your blog. Guest posting is my number one source of increasing traffic to my blog.Reply to Every Comment: If someone takes the time to leave a comment or response on your blog and you don’t take the time to respond back, chances are that that person will not be coming back to your blog. Remember that your readers are the lifeblood of your blog and without them you’d be going nowhere fast!Interview a Big Name: Ask a big name blogger in your niche if you could interview them for your blog. If they accept, they are likely to put a link to their interview on their own blog and in turn you can gain some quality traffic. Be sure and ask interesting questions that will intrigue your reader and keep them coming back for more.There are many more things that you can do to attract visitors to your blog. Remember that whatever your niche is, you should always act as though you are an expert in your particular arena. Follow this advice and you too can double your blog traffic on one month. Here you can see a screen shot of the increase in my blog’s traffic from January to February…Author Bio:My blog, Residuals and Royalties is dedicated to helping people find legitimate ways to make money online and create residual income. My goal is to find quality resources each week for those people who want to create some passive income. The posts that I create keep my visitors coming back for more. You can visit my blog by clicking here: Make Money Online
Google Buzz is a new social network site. It is just few month old but already attracted tons of people joining it. Certainly this is going to be another social networking platform that you can take advantage to promote your website and business and generate traffic.If generating traffic through social networking site is your favorite traffic-generating method, Google Buzz is going to be interesting to you. I'm sure you want to make use of Google Buzz for marketing and branding. Joel Comm has recently written a report about how you can use Google Buzz for your online business. The report is ju
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st 31 pages with useful content and it's easy to read. Good for you if you want to learn more about marketing with Google Buzz.You can download a free copy of Joel's Google Buzz report right away at: is no opt-in needed to get the report. Just click the above link and you'll see the download button. Click the button and the report will show up.Enjoy reading!
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