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Guest Post by Aiden Clark

Im sure you are very much aware that there are literally millions of different methods to make money online but choosing one that fits your specific lifestyle maybe a little harder. You may have also already experienced a fully automatic business without even knowing as there are many online marketers who use such systems.

When people search the internet for a cure to a problem, people are more likely to sign up for a newsletter or a free course that will uncover a few secrets that is related to what you these people are searching for. The inform
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ation is delivered to them automatically using an autoresponder.

If you capture the emails of these people that are interested in a certain market then you can follow up later on with valuable information and tips related to the niche and then you can recommend paid products or services on a regular basis that would benefit the person on your list.

To achieve this business model you would need to create a free course or a series of emails that would benefit your subscribers. You must provide them with something valuable in order to persuade them to sign up to your list. Useless information or free article content is not good enough and will harm your reputation.

You would then need an autoresponder service such as aweber or you can purchase software that can be installed on your own server to cut out the monthly costs. This will be used to automatically deliver your free course and to build a relationship with the subscriber, on autopilot, over a period of time.

Once you have someone on your list, it gives you the opportunity to grow a long lasting and trusted relationship with your subscriber and after a while the subscriber will be more likely to listen to your recommendations and purchase products or services through your link.

The best thing about this business model is every thing can be set up to deliver it all completely automatically which allows you to make money online for years to come without any interference from you. As long as you set up your autoresponder to send out the pre-written emails every week, you can spend your free time on advertising your landing page.

A landing page is basically a one page website that offers a free mini course or an ebook related to your market, on this page you will list the benefits or contents of the course and ask the visitor for their name and email address to receive it for free. Your autoresponder code from your service provider would be installed on this page.

Some people find it hard to believe that by offering a free course that you can actually grow a successful online business, but its a fact that the smartest marketers will not go in for the sale straight away as you may scare away the visitor. Its much easier to sell something after you have established a relationship with the potential client.

You can make sales from the same subscribers for years to come which allows you to continually grow your monthly income. Its alot easier to sell a product to an existing customer than it is to a new one. As long as you only recommend the best products within that market, you will be sure to find success using this kind of method.

Author Bio:
Aiden Clarke is an online business mentor that learns ordinary people how to start and develop a successful online business. He offers a free, 7 day course that teaches you how to copy his exact method that earns him at least $100/day. Visit today to get started.
Guest post by Michael-John WolfeIn January of 2010 I had over 6,000 visitors to my Residuals and Royalties blog and in only one month I was able to double the number of total visitors to almost 12,000. Many bloggers spend time creating quality content in hopes that they will attract visitors to their blog. The sad truth is that more often than not, quality content alone will not attract readers to a blog that is not established. The key to making money online with your blog is having a lot of unique visitors. Below is a list of things that you can do to attract more readers to your blog…Ya
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hoo Answers: Go to Yahoo answers and search for unanswered questions that are related to your blog’s topic. Give a relevant, quality answer and be sure and include a link to your blog as well. You can even copy and past your answer onto a multitude of similar questions.Ping-O-Matic: Every time that you write a new blog post, use Ping-O-Matic to submit your fresh content to a large list of search engines. This system makes it so easy to let all of the search engines know that you have new content on your blog.Guest Posts: Contact the owners of popular blogs in your niche and ask if they would mind if you created a guest post specifically for their blog. If they accept, create a well written post that will attract others to want to learn more about your blog. Guest posting is my number one source of increasing traffic to my blog.Reply to Every Comment: If someone takes the time to leave a comment or response on your blog and you don’t take the time to respond back, chances are that that person will not be coming back to your blog. Remember that your readers are the lifeblood of your blog and without them you’d be going nowhere fast!Interview a Big Name: Ask a big name blogger in your niche if you could interview them for your blog. If they accept, they are likely to put a link to their interview on their own blog and in turn you can gain some quality traffic. Be sure and ask interesting questions that will intrigue your reader and keep them coming back for more.There are many more things that you can do to attract visitors to your blog. Remember that whatever your niche is, you should always act as though you are an expert in your particular arena. Follow this advice and you too can double your blog traffic on one month. Here you can see a screen shot of the increase in my blog’s traffic from January to February…Author Bio:My blog, Residuals and Royalties is dedicated to helping people find legitimate ways to make money online and create residual income. My goal is to find quality resources each week for those people who want to create some passive income. The posts that I create keep my visitors coming back for more. You can visit my blog by clicking here: Make Money Online
Google Buzz is a new social network site. It is just few month old but already attracted tons of people joining it. Certainly this is going to be another social networking platform that you can take advantage to promote your website and business and generate traffic.If generating traffic through social networking site is your favorite traffic-generating method, Google Buzz is going to be interesting to you. I'm sure you want to make use of Google Buzz for marketing and branding. Joel Comm has recently written a report about how you can use Google Buzz for your online business. The report is ju
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st 31 pages with useful content and it's easy to read. Good for you if you want to learn more about marketing with Google Buzz.You can download a free copy of Joel's Google Buzz report right away at: is no opt-in needed to get the report. Just click the above link and you'll see the download button. Click the button and the report will show up.Enjoy reading!
Guest post by Scott CarlsonMaking money selling things online takes careful planning, a focused approach, and a certain knowledge that can only be gained through experience. While snake oil salesmen try to represent that making money online is both easy and instant, the truth is the process of building a money making website can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or more. By taking a short term perspective, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.When you decide that you want to start an online business, you need to have the mentality of sticking with it until yo
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u see the results you desire. Anyone who tells you that you can start making money immediately is doing you a great disservice. Realize that snake-oil salesman have an incentive to tell people it is easy to make money online because it will help them sell more of their package. Who wants to hear that selling stuff online requires time and lots of hard work? They could care less if the people that buy their product succeed or fail, all they care about is making the sale.When you are studying the available systems, software, packages and products for making money online, you can pretty much tell who is full of it by looking at the guarantees they provide: There is never a guarantee you will make money with any business unless you have the knowledge required to get going, and the perseverance to see your ideas through to fruition. If you are looking for something that’s instant, chances are you don’t really have what it takes. If you are planning on starting your own website, realize that you are in this for the long run.It makes sense, really. The most appealing characteristic of the automated online business model is that once you get the momentum moving in the right direction, your website will tend to pick up steam. Who cares about how much money you make in the first month, when the real measure should be how much you made in your first year, and then how much you improve month over month from the previous year. If you take the time to invest 200-300 hours and build something that is potentially going to generate income for the rest of your life, what happens in the short term just doesn’t matter. Author Bio:Scott Carlson’s eBook Education package comes with everything you need to know to start selling online. Learn how to produce or locate a quality product, build a website to sell it, and get traffic to that website. These steps are the key to generating automated passive income.
Guest Post by Soli KatirDon't worry. You don't have to be a computer whiz to make money online blogging. What you do is perseverance. This is what sets the winners apart from the losers. You can be one of those winners by following these five steps. Take them in order and do not skip a step and you will succeed. Once you have one small success under your belt, learn from it, and replicate it. This is how you will be growing your online blogging empire! You can do it!Step 1: Set up a blogging accountYou have websites out there like and where you can set up an account a
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nd blog to your heart's content. The two I just listed are free to use. But do make sure to read their terms of use. I know does not allow affiliate Clickbank links to be placed on any of their blogs.Of course, there are other blogging platforms out there, but those two are the most popular. Look around and choose one that fits your style and one that allows you to monetize it.Step 2: Research what people are interested in onlineThe best place to start is with keyword research. You can use Google's external keyword research tool to find out what people are looking for when searching Google. This will give you a wealth of information! Learn to read in between the words. Every term is a question someone has. Try to figure out what that is.Step 3: Write content for your intended audienceYou can also visit forums where your audience hangs out to find out what they are talking about and any issues they have. Once you know what's on their mind, give it to them. Give them good information and don't try to force a sale.Remember that blogs are for information and not for selling. Don't let this trip you up. You might be surprised that a good informational article can do a better at selling than an actual sales letter. Think about when you read about this wonderful product that so and so found and it helped them tremendously. Didn't you want to know more about what it was to find out if it would work for you? Exactly! This is what you want to accomplish with your blogs. Give them useful information and make them thirst for more!Step 4: Find or make products that solve the problems of your audienceIf you find that many people need a solution for a certain problem, write it down and start looking for products out there that solve their particular problem. If you don't find one, think about creating your own.Step 5: Put affiliate links or order links on your blogOnce you have found a product, you can do an internet search for product + affiliate to see if they have an affiliate program you can join. With affiliate links, you will be making a percentage commission every time someone that you sent over makes a sale.This is the last step and it is the step that will make you money. You won't get just one payday, but several. This is what is called passive income. What you have just created will continue to work for you until the day you decide to take it down. Can you see the potential? If you continue to grow, the bigger your income can get. The numbers that you might see other internet marketers spewing is not just a dream, but it is a reality.So, get to it! Make your blog, and make money!Resource Box:Sign up for this powerful software tool to help you blog in less time. It will actually put your blogs on autopilot!
Guest Post by Kevin FrostIf you’re like many internet entrepreneurs, you probably have a few extra domain names lying around that you’re not actually using– domains from defunct websites, website ideas that never came to be, or tracking domains used in advertising campaigns. Like forgotten treasures uncovered in the attic, your unused domain names can be a great way to earn a little extra mon
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ey online.Selling your unused domain names can be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make money online: there’s no expenditure required beyond a few bucks for registration fees, and the only work required is a bit of research and setting up a few accounts. Let me walk you through the process.As they say, every mother finds her child beautiful, but in order to sell for a good price your domain names need to appeal to others as well. Here are some tricks to find out if your domain name is trash or treasure:1. will give you a free automated appraisal based upon several common metrics. For example, Estibot’s report values the domain for my site at $30,000 – not too shabby!2. Use Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to determine if people are searching for the keywords in your domain, and how much advertisers are willing to pay for a single visitor in that space. Anything over 1,000 exact match searches and at least $0.50 per visitor is starting to be interesting, though more is better. “Making money online” gets nearly 50,000 exact match searches a month, with each vistor worth $2.66 on average.3. Check to see if similar domains are already taken. NameStation will let you check almost 40 popular domain extensions in a single query. If you own the .com and most other extensions are taken, your name is likely valuable. NameStation finds “Making Money Online” regisered in 22 extensions and available in 16 (mostly non-English speaking country extensions).Even if the results from the above research isn’t looking good, you may still want to try putting the domain up for sale until your existing registration period runs out. You never know, someone may find a swan in your ugly duckling.Avoid paying a listing fee to sell your domains – the most popular marketplaces will only charge you a commision if they are successful selling your domain name. I recommend creating an account and listing your domain for sale at three of the largest domain marketplaces:1. – the largest domain name marketplace with over 10 million listings, Sedo sells thousands of domains each month, and charges a 10% commission if they sell your domain.2. GoDaddy Auctions – GoDaddy is the most popular domain registrar in the world, so it makes sense to go where the buyers are. A standard listing costs $4.99/ yr. for membership plus a 5-7% commission fee.3. The AfternicDLS will let you sell your domains at popular domain auction site, as well as several partner websites across the web. Membership costs $19.95 per year, plus a commission fee of 10-20%.Everyone’s heard of blockbuster paydays like the $3 million sale of, or for $10 million. Most domain names aren’t worth a fraction of that amount. The average domain sold on marketplaces like Sedo or Afternic goes for about $1,500 – $2,000. Unless you own a highly-searched one or two-word dot-com domain, you can probably expect to earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand for each of your domains. But hey– it’s easy money, and a heck of a lot better than the zero dollars you get if you let your valuable domains expire..Author Bio:Kevin Frost is an experienced domain name investor and broker who writes regular articles on domain name investing at the site Making Money Online.
Guest Post by Ashley WrightIt is all good speaking about the highs of Internet marketing, but then there is always the downside to every marketers progression. The main thing that hindered my progression online was believe it or not…Actually taking action!There is no point learning everything under the sun, going to every seminar known to man and when it comes down to it not actually doing anything with what you know!There is this thing called knowledge overload! If you don’t actually do anything with what you know the time will come when you want to do something with what you have learned and
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you start to get muddled up as you have to much information in your mind! Then you have to then go through the course again, which as you can imagine is very time consuming.There are three types of Internet Marketer:1. Those that buy everything and don’t even finish going through what is taught.2. Those who buy products and courses go through them and then go and buy more and more.3. Those that buy a course or product go through it and implement what is taught and actually see results from this.Believe me now you want to be the last type! Your maybe asking yourself though I don’t buy products or courses. Well if that’s not the case then am sure your reading articles, blogs listening to free material etc and still not doing anything with the information you know!Trust me when I say you can have as much knowledge as knowledge can be, but if you do nothing with it then the knowledge is powerless. The sooner you take this message on board the better!So once you get past the stage and are actually ready to take action guess what there then comes another huge brick wall in front of you and you know what that is? DISTRACTIONS!Distractions can hinder anyone’s progress in anyway not just as an Internet Marketer. You have to see it like this, once you sit down by your computer or laptop how many distractions are around you? Here’s a list of some of them: * The Internet * Instant Messenger * TV * Phone * Others in your householdThey are what can easily hinder your progression online, I am not saying to get rid of them for good but there are ways in how you can put away these distractions.The Internet & Instant messengerThe best thing to do unless you need to use the Internet is to just basically turn it off! If your working on a new product, writing email sequences, blog posts etc then what you need to do is gather all your information from the Internet first of and then just switch it off. Trust me this is what made me become more productive and I just seem to get so much more done with this. You do not realize but even if you are doing some research on the net you usually seem to drift and become “too involved” with what is going on. So for example you could be doing some research on a forum, your reading a post then you see a signature box that stands out to you; you then go and click the sig box which leads you to opt in for a free report. You then read the report and guess what you have neglected what you was actually doing in the first place! So what you do is set 5-10 minutes aside for research switch your Internet and instant messenger off and then sit down and concentrate with the task at hand.TV & PhoneNothing different here also all you need to do is… TURN it off! It is as simple as that. If someone rings you for a long chat tell them you are busy and will return their call later on. What you have to think again here is if you are in the middle of writing and then you get chatting on the phone, you are going lose that momentum and flow that you had going. The TV is worse as every time you look at the TV screen you are loosing momentum, so the truth is with the TV you are actually not getting any momentum and you will find it harder to work when you have something such as Family Guy on in the back JPeople around youNow this is not as easy as the other two, which is to “turn it off” as it does not work on humans! First things first you want to make sure you are in an area where you cannot be disturbed. Then just let everyone around you know that you will be busy for an hour or so, so that no one bothers you.I hope you have took a lot from this post and you start to put it into action as you will start see taking action and getting started is the way forward.You don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going! (Mike Litman)Author Bio:If you are looking to further yourself as an Internet Marketer then you need to grab your free copy of Conquer Internet Marketing Monthly which is a Online Internet Marketing magazine which will help take you and your business to the next level. Get your FREE Issue here
Last week I posted about a live training event that you can attend to learn about how to make money online, many have joined the event. if you have missed it, here's a replay:'ll get to listen to several dozen Questions that Affiliate Marketing & Internet Marketing Expert Michael S. Brown took the time to answer.Make sure to watch the event from start to finish at it will really open your eyes to exactly how to make money Online.Michael also agreed that even if you watch the replay you may
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still submit him questions and he'll answer you!There is not a better way to learn to make money online than from someone who earns their entire living on the Internet! aside at least 1 hour to watch this :)
Guest Post by Shane O'Driscoll Whether your looking to make $100 a week or $1000 a week, the internet is a great source to make money. The main problem is where to start and what will yield profits the quickest. Many people opt to start taking surveys and start making cents for filling out a survey that might take them 20 minutes to complete. In my opinion this is pointless. If your serious about making money online then loo
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k to something that is proven to make you money.That is where we arrive at ebay. In large, ebay is without a doubt the easiest way to start making money online. Within the space of ten to twenty minutes you could have your first auction up and your first sale in the bag by the end of that day. Although there are many advanced techniques to selling on ebay, even sticking with the basics will yield you a considerable profit.So the question is How To Make Money Using Ebay? * Selling your own possessions or something that you know might yield a profit and you were just going to throw out. * See if your family or friends have anything they wish to sell and sell it on for them with an agreement that you receive 15% of any profits. After ten to twenty products you wll start seeing some good commissions. Also word of mouth will help get your name out there and you can start to become an ebay broker. * Source a supplier for a product you are looking to sell. For example, you might wish to start selling ipods or clothing and find a supplier for these will allow you weigh up the profitability. * Using a drop shipping company to help distribute your products. These are probably the easiest way to make a good income yet you need to know what your doing (This is where the more advanced techniques arise). * Buying products on wholesale and then selling each off at a profit. For example, you could buy 10 iphones and make $50 profit per phone. This would quickly add up as you sell more. * Checking the want it now section on ebay, you can locate items people are looking for. Then you check out craigslist to see if you can find that item, if you can you bargain with the seller and then resell on ebay for a massive profit. * Secret trick: Using craigslist to list an item for sale then when someone emails you regarding the product, have an auto reply set up with your ebay listing. This works particularly well for products like blackberrys or iphones. Your using craigslist to sell more of your products on ebay.So now I hope this opens up your eyes to some of the methods you can use on how to make money using ebay.Resource Box:Click Here if your looking for some more ninja tactics on how to dominate ebay and make $500 by the end of your first week online.
Affiliate marketing is working. Many people are now making money online with affiliate marketing. If you want to make money online, affiliate marketing is recommended for you to reach your goal.Affiliate marketing is where you become an affiliate of an online company to promote the company's products or services on the Internet and earn commission every time you refer a sale for the company. It is an online business that everyone affords to start because there are no product you need to create, no inventory to take care and no custo
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mer service support to provide. The online company or merchant will handle all the works. You just have to focus on promoting their products or services to generate affiliate commission.Affiliate marketing offers a number of advantages but it's not an easy business. You must learn the ropes and the techniques of affiliate marketing to start and run the business. Don't worry; it's not going to be difficult. If you have the passion of making money with affiliate marketing, you'll learn everything you need to know. Those successful affiliates who make a living now are just like you before they started on affiliate marketing. They knew nothing at the beginning. They took a good training course and have an expert to guide them. Then they applied what they learned and put the work in; and eventually they achieved good result from affiliate marketing.So where to find a good training course and a reputed expert to help you start making money with affiliate marketing effectively?The Maverick Money Makers Club is the answer. Maverick Money Makers is a membership club that provides wealthy of information and knowledge of affiliate marketing. The founder of the club, Mack Michaels and his team will guide you and provide the support you need to ensure your success. Mack and his team are certainly the people you can rely on. Mack himself is a successful affiliate. He has made millions of dollar from affiliate marketing. He's done a lot of seminars, teleseminar and podcasts teaching people about affiliate marketing and work at home. So, under the coaching of Mack and his team you can be certain that you are moving in the right direction in building a steady affiliate marketing business.The training materials of Maverick Money Makers Club will teach you A to Z of how to make money with affiliate marketing. You will know how to begin and get the proven affiliate techniques and ideas that you can quickly implement to earn money online. You might think that you are going to need to read hundreds of pages of content to learn all of these stuff. That sounds boring.No! You’re not going to spend a lot of time reading. The affiliate training in Maverick Money Makers is a series of educational videos where you can watch anytime to learn and understand affiliate marketing easier and faster.Also you can access to the member community forum to meet other members, share ideas and experiences of making money with affiliate marketing.So if you want to be another affiliate that make a steady income, join the Maverick Money Makers Club now. Maverick Money Maker will provide you video tutorials teaching everything you need to know and give full support so whenever you have question and problem; or need assistance, you can consult them right away.
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