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Hello, I have downloaded this template I think I have ALL the files needed for the entire site to work. Here are the files so programmers can check if I’m correct *View uploaded files first This project requires: 1) Possible transfer of domain from Godaddy to new hosts. 2) I don’t have a host so winner of project will have to recommend a good/very cheap host. 3) Add Joomla templat

Sept 11th sticks out in my mind because it was on that day that I was starting, for me, a "new life" artistically speaking. I worked for years as a freelance artist doing illustration "the old fashioned way" by hand at my drawing board laboring for hours. I grew accustomed to working that way because it was what I was taught, what I'd always done, and it worked. I began to notice that I had my head stuck in my drawing board so long that the world had changed an
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d now EVERYONE was doing stuff on computers using programs like Photoshop, and Illustrator.

I swallowed by pride and enrolled in an 8 week course that would bring me up to speed and make me competitive in the marketplace. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Gorgeous BLUE sky, and Cloudless. It was the perfect backdrop for a new beginning, and as I got off the bus in Boro Park, I waiting patiently for my connecting bus.

I looked up into the sky and noticed something peculiar. Seemingly out of "No Where" I saw what looked like, at first glance, confetti falling to the ground. It reminded me of a ticker tape parade Mayor Giuliani would throw each year for the Yankees after winning the World Series. As the paper hit the ground and became more visible I could see that they were 8X11 pieces of paper Seconds later,. a man ran up to me holding a sheet, exclaiming, "look at this!" I examined it and saw that it was a page from a larger business document, but how did it get HERE?

I looked to my left, and that's when I saw it. Thick black smoke in the sky coming from the direction of the World Trade Center. I didn't know WHAT to think as I boarded my connecting bus and when to my school.

When I arrived the TV set was on, and that's when I knew that we were under attack. I watched the broadcast in shock along with my teacher and other classmates not knowing what to do, and lacking words... NO ONE knew what to say... Incredibly my instructor broke the silence. "Let's go ahead and have class," he said, so we all sat down at our computers as he gave us our first Photoshop lesson.

I am now very proficient in Photoshop and would be lost without it in my daily work. I don't even REMEMBER the instructor's name that taught me, but will always remember him having the insight and the BRAVERY for going on with the class in the face of this tragedy. For a few brief hours we all were made to forget what happening outside as we focused on the lesson, and for ME at least, it helped to focus me for what I would be facing that day.
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Most people want to do special effects with Photoshop but like all tools capable of advanced work, it pays to get the essential basics under your belt first. Here is my recommended list of the 6 basic essentials any Photoshop beginner should learn:

1. Learn the image analysis tools - The Histogram, The Eyedropper, and The Info Palette

These three tools provide you with essential information about your image or photograph. The Histogram will tell you everything you need to know about the exposure of the photograph, whether it is under or over exposed, and the tonal ran
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ge. The Eyedropper tool will give you valuable information about the colours in the image; especially if there is a colour cast (a colour cast is an undesirable overall dominant colour) you need to correct. The Info palette (or window) will provide numerical feedback when using the eyedropper and also when using other tools. This is an important reference for advanced work so is worth getting to know at the start.

2. Learn how to straighten a tilted image - Use the ruler to find the angle of tilt.

Learning to use the Ruler tool will allow you to determine precisely the angle of a tilted horizon and this can then be used with the Rotate canvas command to rapidly correct a tilted image. No guesswork needed! With so many people using cameras with only viewing screens at the back rather than a proper viewfinder, it has become all to common for pictures to come out of the camera with a severe tilt to them. Learning to use the ruler and rotate canvas combination makes correcting these pictures really easy!

3. Learn to crop the picture - Use the Crop tool

Cropping is the process of removing anything from around the edges of a photo that does not add to the impact of the photo. The Crop tool should be learned next since cropping is a very important creative process. There are very few photos that cannot benefit from being cropped. Too many Photoshop beginners just accept the content of the photo as it came from the camera without thinking about whether the picture can be improved visually by cutting away unnecessary edges. The additional benefit of cropping the picture early is that you also reduce the file size which makes further changes to the image run much faster since you are using less memory and disk space.

4. Learn to remove dust marks and blemishes - Use the Healing Brush and the Clone Stamp tools

Even with modern sensor cleaning built-in, you may find your image contains dust marks or other blemishes. These will often be seen in areas of smooth tone such as a clear sky. These should be removed using the Healing Brush tool, especially useful on smooth colour and tones like skies, and the Clone Stamp tool. The Clone Stamp tool is essential for removing or correcting areas of detail which the Healing Brush tool quite often just messes up. Get a grip on these two important tools quickly so you can really clean up your important images.

5. Learn to correct the tonal values - Use the Levels command

The next logical step is to correct any exposure problems or tonal range issues. If the picture is too dark or light now is the time to correct it. To do tonal corrections you need to learn to use the Levels command. The levels command uses a histogram to show the tones so your previous learning from Step 1 above will really help you now. I told you it was a logical learning sequence!

6. Learn to remove colour casts - Use the Colour Balance command

Although modern cameras make a reasonable job of interpreting the colour of light reaching the sensor, they also often get it wrong which results in a photo with an obvious dominant colour. This is known as a colour cast and needs to be removed using the Colour Balance command. Once a dominant colour has been corrected you are ready to make more creative colour enhancements if desired.

There you have the six most important things for a Photoshop beginner to learn. Each of these steps can be mastered quite quickly and the knowledge gained will provide a solid foundation for all your future Photoshop work; whether you just want to improve a family snap or produce an advanced special effects work of art.

Now you can go on to learn more skills in Photoshop by joining me, and other like minded folk, for FREE at Zone2Tone Members and after you join us you will receive a free professional quality video tutorial.

Copyright (c) Les Meehan 2010.
Creating your own designs using Photoshop brushes with commercial license is a number one prerequisite for each of the money making ideas we will present in this article.

There are various ways to make money creating your own stuff on-line. Everyone knows about various on-line services that let you upload your designs, apply them on various items like, mugs, apparels, t-shirts, personal gifts and so on.

Let's just mention,, and similar.

However, not everyone is aware of four additional ways to make money with your des
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igns even if you are a total newbie and don't know much about Photoshop or similar graphic design software.

These are:

Rubber stamping

Paper design

Wallpaper design

Logo design

Now, here is how it works.

Let's say you want to go into Rubber stamp business, but you are not so good with Photoshop or similar software. Or, you even might be good at these but you are going through some kind of creativity block. Don't let that stop you from doing what you want to do.

All you need is Photoshop, a good collection of PS brushes with commercial use license and a little bit of time.

1. Rubber stamping

There is a whole deal of sites explaining how to about rubber stamping, which is, by the way, increasingly popular in US. So, if you don't really have an idea on the shapes for the stamp, just find some cool Photoshop brushes (for instance floral or swirls) turn them into rubber stamps and - voila, you have your own product for sale.

2. Paper design

You guessed, same applies here. With Photoshop brushes you can create patterns for paper design. Then, you can sell that design on sites like

3. Wallpaper

designers earn from $30.000 - $80.000 per year. So, if you are thinking about starting a career there, again, Photoshop brushes will get you up to speed in no time.

4. Logo design

There are a bunch of places where you can compete in logo design contest. One of my favorite one is But don't miss eLance or FreeLancer either. Again, if you own a good collection of Photoshop brushes with commercial license - jump in!

Of course, there are, virtually, unlimited ways to use Photoshop brushes in creative process. Especially if you are just a beginner, but also if you are experienced in Photoshop going through a creative block - Photoshop brushes will be here to save your day. As I said in the beginning you just need to be sure that the brushes you use come with the commercial use license.

Interested in Photoshop brushes with commercial license? Visit the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Blog for help with photoshop brushes, as well as Adobe Photoshop.
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When we run Dreamweaver CS4 Training Courses in London , we are always amazed at the number of different types of Dreamweaver user who attend our courses. There is simply no longer a typical Dreamweaver user. We get people working from all types of organisation in all types of role. Private individuals, accounts specialists, marketing specialists, academics, workers in the health services… Our conclusion is that the vast majority of people learning Dreamweaver nowadays are not specialists i
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