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Designing a new website or just re-designing the present one can prove to be an intimidating task. That is the reason why it is important to consult a professional web design company that is experienced, has market reputation and has designed good amount of websites.
When we run Dreamweaver CS4 Training Courses in London , we are always amazed at the number of different types of Dreamweaver user who attend our courses. There is simply no longer a typical Dreamweaver user. We get people working from all types of organisation in all types of role. Private individuals, accounts specialists, marketing specialists, academics, workers in the health services… Our conclusion is that the vast majority of people learning Dreamweaver nowadays are not specialists i
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We are flooded with web applications today! The irony behind this growth is that many of these technologies do not live up to the expectations amidst ever-evolving web trends and if you rely upon them, you would find yourself stranded.
Whether you're a website owner, a webmaster or an online business operator the basic steps for marketing your business opportunity online requires certain steps you must follow to be successful. Sure, there are some variables that must be taken into consideration in any marketing campaign, but we are talking about the basic steps one must follow in order to make your site attractive to the online user as well as the search engines. "Le't Build Your Business Together"
The design of the majority of websites focuses on functionality and/or design, but in order for a website to be a success, other aspects must be taken into consideration.
These factors include:
* Usability: Is your audience able to locate what they are looking for?
* Functionality: How efficient is your website operation?
* Appearance/Brand Image: Is the website accurately & attractively reflecting the business brand?
* SEO: How much visibility does your website possess in terms of search engine
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Some of my best posts (at least IMHO) are derived from questions put to me by students and visitors to one of our 'killer' sites.


So, this time around, I have a great question from an old school Oracle developer who wants to get into the web game:

"Hi Stefan,

Speaking for myself, I'm a former Oracle application and database
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developer (10 yrs exp) who's looking to transition to freelance web design/development, and will likely become a subscriber to KillerSites University in short order.

My question for you is this: would I need to shell out for Dreamweaver in order to derive maximum benefit from the site's video tutorials (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/mySQL)? Or, could I get by using a combination of free tools, such as Amaya w/TopStyle Lite?
Perhaps I sound like a broken record, but it's because it really works. Your website is a marketing tool that is built to work in unison with your other marketing efforts. Building a website alone won't bring you results. But by performing the following steps, you can use your website to get at least one new customer per week.
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