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A crucial aspect in the success of cause marketing is the cause you choose to support. If you’re considering getting involved in cause marketing – congrats; do it right and you’ll not only boost your sales, but you’ll get to do some good as well. With so many causes out there, which do you choose? [...]

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I've always loved the idea of a language that wants us to smile. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language is an XML recommendation that helps control SVG animations. Learn more about what SMIL is and how to use it with SVG from our favorite XML writer, Darla Ferrara.
This has happened to me before, but I’m unsure if I’ve blogged about it.
Do you ever wonder what Google homepage links are worth? What kind of traffic?
I have the luxury of ranking well for many, many, classic literature authors, usually top 3, often #2 only behind wikipedia (and before wikipedia went all nofollow a [...]
I recently interviewed Peter Hamilton, the VP of Marketing for, at Affiliate Summit West 2011 in Vegas.
A recent survey of over 1,700 consumers looked at shopping activity and its relationship to activity on social sites and tools such as Facebook, Twitter and customer reviews. The survey found 42 percent of online consumers have “followed” a retailer via Facebook, Twitter or a retailer’s blog. 58% of those respondents said they follow companies [...]

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You would almost think this is an April Fools joke. It isn’t.
The people are CRE Loaded have put their PRO and B2B shopping carts on sale for $1.11. That is today only. This is a ridiculously good deal. I have not written a review on CRE yet, but it is the cart I’ve used the [...]
Twitter has now made it easier to follow another Twitter user with the launch of a one click follow feature for web sites. Like the recently launched Google +1 Button, the Twitter follow button is very easy to implement – just copy and paste a couple of lines of code, and if you’re already signed [...]

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There are lots of validators available. Some just check your HTML or your CSS while others do multiple things all at once. My two favorite validators are the W3C Validator and the speed checker at What are your favorite validators? And what features

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do you value the most in them?

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