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A Guest Post by Paul Cunningham from Blogging Teacher.
Recently Darren blogged about how you can use small victories to build momentum in your blogging. This same technique can also be used for product creation for your online business.
Creating a product for sale is a goal for many bloggers, but some bloggers struggle to see [...]Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.

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r-your-blog/">How Small Victories Help You Create Big Products for Your Blog
We hear them all the time.  They’re common words, and many have their usefulness when used right.  On the other hand, most are used in a disempowering, negative way most often, and some should never be used at all.  If you want to boost your potential and change your life for the better, work to [...]
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When I think back to all of the different web hosts I’ve had over the years, it’s been quite a decent amount. From my beginning days of hosting my sites for free on AOL member pages, to Tripod Geocities, then finally getting my own shared hosting and eventually dedicated servers, it’s been quite a ride. [...]

Eighteen years ago I started making money online and it’s been quite a journey since then. I’ve had my hands in everything from creating banner ads, pushing web hosting, creating sites to drive sales to Amazon, building out my own content sites, email marketing, affiliate marketing and of course blogging. You will notice it’s quite […]

The post How I Make Over Six Figures Every Year from Blogging appeared first on Affiliate Marketing Tips from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson.

Money is usually tight for start-up Entrepreneurs, but regardless of the investment, there are some things you should outsource. Too many times Entrepreneur’s are so busy working in their business, they aren’t working on their business. When you’re mired down in daily work that a hired staff could do more efficiently than you can alone, […]

  Think of the executive summary as a one-page business plan – it provides a comprehensive overview of all the elements that will make your business model a success. Since it’s likely the first impression that investors will get from your company, the executive summary is your best chance of grabbing the attention of investors. […]

The post How To Write an Executive Summary in 6 Easy Steps appeared first on

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Blogtrepreneur - For Busy Entrepreneurs.

This year we decided to have YOU, our readers vote for which AdSense + Chitika ad placement was best integrated together in our annual AdSense + Chitika placement contest.
After hundreds of submissions, Chitika’s Special Projects Team narrowed it down to 8 finalists -  you can see them here.
Our Grand Prize Winner of a Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 2010
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Tim Carter,
We really liked Tim’s integration of AdSense at the top, Chitika Premium in the right hand sidebar and Premium at the bottom of his articles. While sometimes the sidebars are not always successful ad placements, Tim made it work to his advantage- Great job Tim!
And our 2 runners up who will receive $200 each are:

Kenneth Barbalace,
Anton Amoto,
Ken perfectly customized his AdSense and Premium ad units throughout his site. With a Premium ad unit at the top as well as in the sidebar and AdSense complementing nicely above his comments.
Anton used an AdSense square above his titles and a Premium Mega Unit below them. The links were all customized as well making for a nice sleek integration.
Congratulations to all the finalists and winners! And a big thank you to all who participated. Be on the look out for our next contest!
Do you use Chitika and Google AdSense together on your website to earn great combined revenue? Or, do you want to use them together?
Google AdSense and Chitika Premium ads can indeed be used together on your website or blog. Using both in the right combination can work together to help you earn more revenue than using AdSense or Chitika alone.
In this FREE eBook you will see how seven actual strategically place and customize the Chitika website for a successful steady income.

Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement G
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Featured in this eBOOK:

-How to combine Chitika & AdSense ads for a higher total revenue.
-The importance of customizing your ad links to your website links.
-Successful AdSense & Chitika Placement ideas
-Advanced customization tips

Google Wave continues to enthrall and confuse at the same time. This is a whole new line of communication and is fundamentally much more than just a revision of the basic e-mail concept, as some have said. E-mail as we know it is basically a static concept – distributing notifications back and forth, where they [...]Check it out: Payday advance services for fast cash needs.
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We entrepreneurs are a hard working lot.  If we want success, we have to be.  And a lot of times that means long hours, deadlines, and pressures that can add up over time.  Studies have shown that if you don’t take steps to care for yourself while you’re working to build your dreams, you can [...]
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