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Apologies to Pink Floyd and Vera Lynn. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the original Googlers seem to have been eclipsed by their own brand and not all that much is heard from them directly these days. So what are they up to?
Keyword stuffing - I’m still see a lot of this around, so I thought I’d make mention of it as a “don’t” in terms of search engine optimization; in all its forms.
It’s still surprising how many marketing emails I get from folks trying to get around email filters by using obfuscated text.
Paypal is an important payment processing partner for many online businesses - so when PayPal sends an email about your account, it’s important to take note. Unfortunately, scammers also know this.
I’ve grown a bit weary of social networks lately and it seems I’m not the only one - according to some recent market research; social network users are spending less time on these services, or quitting them altogether.
How often have you come across this on various blogs and sites dedicated to revenue generation: “I generated 40 gazillion dollars overnight using this system, you can too”. Maybe he or she did.. but there’s a catch.
Guys, we’re outnumbered - and have been for some time. It was last year that women crossed the 50% mark of online users; but looking around the web you wouldn’t really given the way we market.
IP Spoofing is a major challenge for merchants screening for fraud - one without an easy solution, since it’s possible due to a flaw in design of the protocol upon which the Internet operates.
Ever needed to know what version of PHP or MySQL is running on your server; what operating system or perhaps modules installed? There may not be any need to have to submit a support ticket to your host. A simple application you can run called PHP info can tell you that and so much more!
I’ve been visiting dozens of sites today belonging to web development companies and have been surprised at the number of them that require a phone number to be entered on a contact form.
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