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There’s nothing better than discovering a strategy that is not only effective but fun at the same time. I increased my domain and hosting orders by 30% and email subscription rate by 50% in the last month. It cost me some money, but it was the best 200 bucks I’ve spent in a long time. […]
This is a guest contribution from Mike Sowden. Have you ever taken part in a business presentation that just died on the spot? Say you’re up there speaking. Nobody is laughing at your jokes. Your throat has dried up. Dark patches of panic-sweat are appearing all over your shirt. You suddenly need the bathroom. What’s [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

Skip to the End: 5 Great Ways to Make Your Readers Care

The early days of blogging (for most of us) are filled with detours, roadblocks, and just plain slip-ups that we can make in the privacy of our own small readerships. As our blogs and their communities grow, so too do the lessons we’ve learned from the early mistakes that we’ve made. During Beginner Week, we [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

Beginner Week: We Asked Veteran Bloggers to Reflect on Mistakes Made in Their Early Days


Late one night, in a hotel somewhere in Europe, I was watching the only channel that has programming in English.  I only watch television when I’m travelling, away from chores, clients on the other side of the world and wonderful warm family distractions; I put on the television, for company! Usually I end up hearing […]

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When I first started experimenting with GPT sites, I kept on hearing about a site called Deal Barbie Pays. Because of the rather "girly" name, I really never thought to check it out. I'm not sure what finally motivated me to eventually visit the site, but I am sure glad I did.1 Vote(s)
I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time, but an email I received last week finally convinced me to get busy writing… Hey Lisa, I was wondering if you could do a blog post and share your experience with this. I have an email list that I use for important tips and advice. […]
Beginner Week has been jam-packed with tales from the trenches  - from how to set up a blog, to a newbie success story, Darren’s Beginner Dos and Don’ts; and 31 mistakes established bloggers made way back in the early days of their blog. Today we’re back with even more goodies to take away: our 10 [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

Beginner Week – Resource Roundup: 10 Links you Can’t Live Without


When the people that work for you need your help, as they invariably do from time to time, how far should that help go? There is a fine line between a helping hand and creating a dependency. When you have a small business or early stage company, your employees are what make or break it […]

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Today I want to highlight some affiliate programs you may not be aware of and also provide some strategies for earning more with programs that have smaller payouts. My goal here is to feature programs that cover many topics so there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for all tastes. Some of these options listed contain affiliate […]
This is a guest contribution from Monika Mundell, communication strategist and copywriter. Conversational copy is one of the best ways of creating engagement with a reader. It sets a welcoming, familiar tone that invites readers in. Famous copywriter John Caples delcares conversational copy to be about “You + Me.” Many people believe they have to [...]

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Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

The Practical Guide to Writing Conversational Copy

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