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This is the first of a new series of podcast that I am creating called: ‘Ask a web nerd.’
Not the greatest title, but I hope it tells something about this series; I will be answering common questions put to me by people everyday. Questions about anything regarding web design, web programming, getting into the web [...]
The following session answers a common question that has been put to me many times:
What hardware and software do you need to run a web design business? Do you need to upgrade to ‘industrial strength’ tools?
I also touch on a few other things that I know many of you will find interesting.
You can listen [...]
I just uploaded the very first session of the Business of Web Design course/audio-book.
The first session is the introduction to the course, where I go over some of the specifics of what I’m going to cover … along with a few other things.
Introduction to the Business of Web Design audio book.
Please post comments, questions, [...]
The ‘Business of Web Design‘ is an audio book/podcast series that teaches you to start and build a home based web design business.
I am still currently in the process of fleshing out all the details, but I do have a lot down on paper.
That said, I am very close to being ready to [...]
Your Windows operating system comes with some pre-installed free downloadable fonts for users to enjoy. You will find them by accessing the drop down menu at the top of the page. However, you don’t limit yourself to only those fonts that come pre-loaded with your operating system. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of resources for [...]
I just released a new Dreamweaver CS4 video tutorial on the new user interface.
Video: First look at Dreamweaver CS4
Dreamweaver CS4 is sporting a brand new interface that bring Dreamweaver up-to-speed with the other Adobe products. In this video I give you a quick tour looking at how the new user interface works.
Stefan Mischook
I just released a video that goes over my top 3 favorite new features in Dreamweaver CS4:

Code Navigator
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Video tutorial: new features in Dreamweaver CS4
Stefan Mischook
Firefox has become much more than a great browser that puts pressure on Microsoft to do a better job with Internet Explorer. Firefox has become a treasure chest of tools that web designers can use in their everyday web design work. A lot of this power comes into Firefox via their plug-in architecture that they [...]
This article is targeted at web designers and business owners who are considering an investment in social networking.
Let me just first say, that I have invested in it personally, where I created a video sharing system to help distribute my own content.
… I had other ideas beyond that, but I soon discovered that:
The boys and girls at Adobe recently released a public beta of Dreamweaver CS4 - I can now freely talk about it now!
I’ve been beta testing Dreamweaver CS4 for a little while now and I’ve been looking forward to spewing my nerd impressions. I had to hold my tongue until Adobe released DW CS4 to [...]
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