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Creating a ‘killer’ blog is not that hard to understand … but it is hard to do.
As the title of this post suggest, there are three things you need if you want to create a ‘killer’ blog:

Start with a great blog software.
Get a great design.
Produce great content.

The list above is in order of doing, but [...]
Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication by Maggie Macnab
Very cool video - and book. A Must read for any designer. Maggie’s theory is that most memorable designs come about because they contain symbols and shapes that occur in our everyday lives in nature.
Take a look at the video for the book, [...]
I just released a 10 minute video blog talking about the three critical aspects of a web site.
So what are the three critical aspects of a web site?

Ease of use
Design aesthetics

I go over what each mean and I also give you a few hints and examples that you can use in your own web design [...]
My last post on my top 7 money making programs generated some questions about AdBrite.
Some people wanted to know if it’s legal to use with AdSense. Others were curious if it pays well.
First of all, yes, it’s OK to use AdBrite in conjunction with AdSense. It does not violate Google’s Terms of Service [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "AdBrite - A Good AdSense Alternative?", url: "" });
I’ve been a member of Blog Rush since January of this year and have experienced some highs and lows along the way, so I thought I’d blog about them.
The Good
1) It’s Free
I’m not usually a fan of free, MLM traffic programs because the traffic you receive is generally low quality and has a high bounce [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Blog Rush - The Good & Bad", url: "" });
I just wanted to announce that my video tutorials on installing and using Wordpress are being featured in the latest edition of Web Designer Magazine.
Stefan Mischook
From the magazine:
In a nutshell, webslices are an IE8 specific feature that allows the web designer to tag part of a webpage as a ‘webslice’. By tagging sections of a web page, users of IE8 can then subscribe to it, much in the same way that they can subscribe to an RSS feed.
Read the [...]
The web design magazine is slowly taking off.
… We have our first article from John Beatrice who has given us a sneak-peek at the new IE8:

Internet Explorer 8 is Microsoft’s response to the growing interest in interactive web services and rich online experiences. This is Microsoft’s second attempt to build a browser that follows standard [...]
I’ve been a professional nerd for many years now, and over that time I’ve learned to use many different technologies including 8-9 programming languages, a few operating systems and a whole bunch of frameworks, database programs etc …
… The sad truth
Recently, I was challenged with some tech problem, and to be honest about it, [...]
Microsoft recently released Expression Web 2, their new web design program.
Frontpage is old news:
For those of you who don’t know much about it, Expression Web replaces Frontpage and as such, you won’t be seeing any new versions of Frontpage.
… You can read more about Expression Web 2 in the magazine.
Stefan Mischook
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