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Using JavaScript - Lesson 2
Using JavaScript
Many people use JavaScript for their website needs because it is very user friendly. In fact it is said that JavaScript really changed the concepts people had about being able to create their websites on their own. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to have someone do it [...]
JavaScript Primer - Lesson 1  
Using JavaScript Objects

With the various source codes for JavaScript you will be able to customize your own objects to use for your website. This gives your web pages a very unique look because too many people leave the ones that are built in for their visitors to see. Offering visitors to [...]
I was just looking around the CMS and Blog scene, in terms of software, and I just finished taking another look at Drupal 6.

… Based on what I’ve seen so far, it looks very cool.
With this version of Drupal (Drupal 6.2) you see a lot of administration panel improvements and the whole process of installing [...]
I’ve been hearing the quiet murmur of nerds lately, soft sounds that speak of Dreamweaver CS4.
Yes, I do have my finger on the pulse of the nerd-zeitgeist and from what I understand, Dreamweaver CS4 is coming out sooner than later. I’m guessing sometime this winter.
Are there any details?
I’m not sure what is coming [...]
This first article is meant to give you a global picture about creating Wordpress themes. Let’s start by answering a few common questions.
Do you need to know PHP to create or edit Wordpress themes?
The short answer is no. It would help to know some PHP but many theme designers don’t, and they do just fine.

Do [...]
I can’t tell you how many times that my programming experience (in Java, PHP etc) has guided me in my web design work … and strangely, even in other aspects of my life not at all related to topics ‘nerd’.
… Ah, nerd wisdom prevails in all aspects of life.

Anyway, here yet again, is [...]
First things first: thank you for Akismet!

… I just wanted to offer my sincere appreciation for the Wordpress anti-spam plugin: ‘Askimet’.
This nifty plugin has saved me countless hours (and possibly days) of work by filtering out hundreds of spam post each and every day!
I can easily say that for me, Askimet has proven to [...]
One of the Web’s most popular places to get an idea of a web site’s traffic is
There is one major problem though: Alexa is not accurate at all.
Alexa gets a lot of it’s traffic data from its’ Alexa toolbar and other nebulous source they don’t identify. So that leads me to think that [...]
One question that is put to me from time to time is:

“… how can you budget the amount of time it will take to build a website?”

This can be a tricky thing because there are so many factors involved:

How fast do you work?
Is your client going to be really picky and ask for many revisions?
Are [...]
Up until Flash CS3, I think Flash had been slowly drifting into becoming a niche market technology. But now, Flash CS3 (and the Flash player 9) puts Flash back into the game as an important player.
… This means that it now makes more sense for web developers to learn Flash technology. I go over [...]
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