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Everywhere you look on the web there are tons of free design template directories - I think this is one of the best resources that sorts through all of the offerings.
Check out the post on Design Vitality at: Open Source Web Design Templates 
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After a few years of (I must admit) pure laziness, I finally started to work on a new set of Dreamweaver CS3 video tutorials.
… But, to be fair to myself, I wasn’t in a hurry to upgrade my Dreamweaver MX videos since the differences between CS3 and MX are really minimal … most of the [...]
Wow! I can’t believe October is winding down and soon we will be into November and the end of year holidays. For me, this time of year is the busiest and I can sometime have the tendency to lose focus on my initial goals for the year (have you reached all the goals you [...]
I’ve just released a new beginners video tutorial that introduces people to PHP sessions:

PHP Sessions Video Tutorial
PHP sessions are one of the most important mechanisms in PHP because they solve a fundamental issue in web application development: keeping state on a user.

If what I just says confuses you, no worries, it’s explained in the [...]
Do you use an Annual Website Maintenance Checklist for your clients and your own sites?
Each year we spend a fair amount of time preferably prior to the end of December and review both our client sites as well as our own.
Over the years we have evolved the checklist from ten items to many more…
The [...]
This is the part 2 of 3 of my videos that introduces the beginner to PHP sessions.

In this video, I get into practical examples where we see basic PHP sessions in action.
PHP session video tutorial - part 2
Stefan Mischook
Two websites that I think are worthy of checking out this week…

Open Source Web Design
Design By Humans

Open Source Web Design - URL:
This is great site to get inspired, browse and download free web design templates.Perhaps, more importantly, it allows you to share your designs with others. Currently, they boast 2080 web designs to [...]
This is part 3 of 3 of my videos that introduces beginners to PHP sessions.

In this video, I conclude my practical look at basic PHP sessions.
PHP session video tutorial - part 3
Stefan Mischook
Some people seem to have been born knowing creative design principles. Others, maybe you included, have to struggle to develop even the tiniest creative skills they do have. One thing is for certain, you can learn to be more creative. And you can discover the creative design ideas that other artists use for inspiration, [...]
Because of recent demand, I decided to release my PHP video tutorials in iPod format - that means they play on your iPod.

… OK, you guys guessed that one.
These video were originally intended for viewing on a computer monitor, so some of the code examples will be harder to read since iPod screens [...]
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