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For folks who want to put a website on the web, one of the biggest decisions to make is choosing a webhosting company to work with. There are literally thousands of webhosting companies out there – good, bad and ugly. So how does someone sort through the fray of web hosting [...]

I just released a new video tutorial on Dreamweaver CS3. In this video (part 1 of 3) I walk you through the process of building your first web page with Dreamweaver CS3.
This video targets people new to Dreamweaver and people new to web design.
The video: Build a web page with Dreamweaver
Stefan Mischook
Photoshop Tutorial
I found this tutorial on YouTube (what do you think of the quality and content?)
- we are considering adding more (of our own) video tutorials to the Designers Mind site - If we do, what topics would you like us to cover?
Let me know your thoughts…

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I’ve released part 2 and 3 of my videos on building your first web page with Dreamweaver CS3.

Video: Building a web page with Dreamweaver CS3
You can get quick access to all the Dreamweaver CS3 videos on this page:
Dreamweaver CS3 videos
Stefan Mischook
Creative, Inspiring, Thoughtful and Cool
You have to check out these two online websites that perhaps you have never heard of… I stumbled these sites while surfing online for a possible holiday gifts for my friends and family.

Branchhome  -

This co-founders of this earth friendly “sustainable design for living” website was co-founded by Paul Donald and Tracy Brien. [...]
11 is an old site, nearly 12 years old now! Since web years are worse than cat years … that makes one of the oldest websites on the Web today!
Anyway …
Over that time (as we added more articles and tutorials), our directory structures and file naming styles changed as conventions changed. So [...]
The Best Website to Download Free Fonts!

I really wanted to share this cool font site with our readers - I have come to rely on it for designing new sites and adding some added flair to older sites. UrbanFonts is the name of the site and is the one place I recommend for free [...]
I’ve released another video tutorial on Dreamweaver CS3 where I look at the three ways Dreamweaver gives you to edit web pages.
Video: Dreamweaver CS3 Editor Views
You can find all the Dreamweaver CS3 videos in the Dreamweaver section of
Dreamweaver CS3
Stefan Mischook
The Most Useful Design Tips of the Year
The Internet is changing with the development of Web 2.0, and the changing marketplace reflects a need for increased usability, easier functionality and design that is visually appealing but that still lends to an easy to maneuver, content-rich website. The following is a list of ten top website [...]
Floating around the universe, are certain universal principles that transcend disciplines. I would like to explore a few of them here, and talk about how they can be applied to web design.
The Three Master Principles
#1 Simplicity
This is such an important principle, that it can easily be made into the top three web design principles, [...]
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