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Searching Google this morning for the word “blog” i discovered that the blog was ranking 4th.
Now 4th is a pretty good result for a blog that only launched in 2006 and is pretty unlikely to attract many links. In fact the site is doing quite well on the link front with 393 but that’s [...]

Spy Tactics Reveal Keywords and Products That Are Making People Rich

want to share with you my experience with purchasing a hot new product called AdSpyPro and explain how it has helped me find profitable keywords and more importantly find NEW Affiliate Products I can sell that are proven to make money!
AdSpyPro makes it so easy [...]
Just under a week ago AdSense rolled out their new Sliding/Scrolling feature on Text Ads. The response from ProBlogger readers was mixed to say the least and included:
“They’re interesting. I like that the arrows are pretty small, yet visible to those who are paying attention to the ads.” Stephanie
“What a waste - do they really [...]
The feeding frenzy has started. Did you get hit with any "buy from my link" emails yet? You know that if I can't give you some added value then I won't bother. I feel that only launch bonuses matched with the product AND the audience make sense. I know mine below does. Here's the inside scoop on what's happening Sept. 25, 2007. -My mentor Anik Singal who knows affiliate marketing inside out and is a sought after consultant for many top businesses, is launching a course today in partnership with a super affiliate JP, who made over $1.4m last year Here's a picture:
What would be your company’s main strength?
I would definately have to say that our company’s main strength is the ability to provide and maintain a top-notch level web hosting service to our customers, this includes both the reliability of our service and the effectiveness of our customer service.
What makes your company different than other web [...]
Considering a network marketing home based business? You can achieve financial freedom with a network marketing home based business, but you must be careful! Essential reasons for success vs. failure
Google Analytics has had its benchmarking service in beta for about a month now. It could prove to be your most important tool.
Benchmarking is really checking your site against your competition. This is important because you are comparing important metrics like traffic, page views, average time spent on site, and bounce rate. Knowing where [...]
Just discovered a nice little resource for affiliates and bloggers. Free SEO optimized WordPress themes. Also a dateless theme for sites that don't look like blogs or sites where the date isn't important and you just want to post and archive lots of articles.

Free Webinar on April 8th: Learn just how important it is that you get into Social Marketing NOW - and why this is the one thing you should be paying serious attention to in 2008...
Angel investors are an important source of capital, whether you need startup capital or second stage financing for more established businesses. High net worth individuals, angel investors typically invest in high growth fields.Compared to a venture capitalist, an angel investor generally want less control of your company and a even a slower return on investment. They have a more patient exit strategy and often driven by factors other than the bottom line (e.g. foster economic growth in the community). But don't think though that they are some kind of a saint who is willing to give away money t
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o see you succeed. They'll give money because they want to make more money -- from you!So what do these angel investors look for in a business? Here are some qualities angel investors are looking for when making a decision whether to invest or not in a particular business:High growth company: your business is likely to grow by 30-40% annuallyRevenue increases: evidence that your business can deliver continued growth over time, to provide a return on investment. Strong leadership and managementHas an exit strategy: your company is likely to be bought or soldReady to go to market: you have a product prototype that you can show to the angel investor (not just a product in your head), even initial partnerships and dealsAs to where to find angel investors, read the article Find an Angel Investor for Your Small Business

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