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Some affiliates were afraid that if they used Tracking202, the team could potentially steal their data and mine their best keywords. So this one is self hosted. Unbelievably, just like Tracking202, Prosper202 is FREE.

OK - time for a ‘comical’ interlude.
I was just over at the ProBlogger Book page at Amazon and scanned down the page to see this:

OK - so what ProBlogger reader is searching for ‘no show briefs’?
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If you find your PPC campaigns reaching their daily or monthly budget caps sooner than you’d like then perhaps you should tweak the settings on your campaigns to make them run longer. Here are a few ways you can stretch your budget our further:

Budget Per Day - If your monthly budget is running out too [...]
Question of the day: How much value are you getting from the collective social media services that you use? Do you have a focused social marketing strategy, or are you drowning in the time-sucking abyss?
One of the interesting data in the Research's report "State of Online Retailing 2007" is the most cost effective online marketing method.Per the study, the amount of dollars online spent by an online retailer to get an order based on various methods are as follows:Email (to customer list) = $6.53Affiliate program = $17.47Paid search = $26.75Banner ads = $71.89Yet the average retailer (I surmise, average LARGE retailer) only spends about 10% of their marketing budgets or $311,196 on email, compared to $1.8 million spending on banners. Check your own marketing effectiveness, a
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nd how much you spend to get one order from that marketing method -- and allocate more resources on the most cost effective method for you

I get emails daily asking “How do i start making money online?” or “How do i get started in affiliate marketing?”. Unfortunately I don’t have to time to answer all of these emails in details since I get so many and only have so much time. I was looking at a somewhat [...]
Information Week had a good article about the affiliate marketing session at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Always great to see our industry get positive play in mainstream media. I blogged earlier about

Time Sensitive Information on a Killer Product for Experienced Online Marketers Only
WARNING: Do not read this UNLESS you are an experienced internet marketer and are already making a good living from building web sites. It will require a substantial investment of time and money.
This product is a monster, but is expensive and is NOT for [...]
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