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(Source) For example, people searching with terms like “prom dress” usually want to be able to browse a variety of styles and colors, and may not click on an ad that promotes a “red floor-length strapless prom dress.”
I don’t agree with that statement at all. Most searchers in 2008 still don’t know how to conduct [...]
One question that is put to me from time to time is:

“… how can you budget the amount of time it will take to build a website?”

This can be a tricky thing because there are so many factors involved:

How fast do you work?
Is your client going to be really picky and ask for many revisions?
Are [...]
Do you need money management advice? Are you drowning in debt? Learn effective ways to manage money so you can eliminate debt. Money management advice from financial expert, Dave Briggs. Step 7
Affiliate managers know a affiliates are notorious for not reading email. Plus half the words we need to use (free, offer, sale, money, contest, win) set off spam filters and create deliverability issues. Here are 12 things affiliate managers could communicate real-time, through RSS

In this post Daniel Scocco answers a question from Reader Mar Joseph who asks:
I would like to have my site professionally designed as my lack of code knowledge is really holding me back. What are the best avenues to find designers?
First of all let’s identify the goal behind this question: to have a professional [...]
Yahoo rant.
Run a search for ‘Directory’ on Yahoo UK. What kind of results are these? Lycos top, Wiki twice, no sign of Dmoz or their own Yahoo directory, UK or .com on the first page. If the algo can’t do it, surely you need a little manual intervention Yahoo?

In fact, even a search for ‘Yahoo [...]
An excellent post from Rand Fishkin today about the reliance on domain authority for spam in Google highlighted a great tip to find the most important domains within a TLD.
To find a list of what is possibly the top 100 authoritative domains in Google just perform the following query:

This obviously isn’t entirely accurate, [...]

Most of the questions I get asked are related to dropshipping, and finding the best possible supplier that is offering the lowest prices. I love all kinds of questions, and will continue to answer any Internet business related questions that I can. Today...(read more)
The discussion is about, a micro-blogging service used for social networking, and specifically whether it is valuable for marketers outside the Internet Marketing niche. The general concensus has been that Twitter is a valuable social marketing tool for Internet Marketers only. I disagree…
We have tested several widgets at to make it easy for users to share our content, and tap Web 2.0 sites to increase our traffic. And the tool we love the most -- and using more extensively is AddThis is a simple widget that you put into your site or blog, and visitors can bookmark, share or email your content. If you're looking at a way to get your content into MySpace, Digg, Stumbleupon and other Web 2.0 sites, AddThis is a tool that can help youWhat we liked about AddThis is its ease of use. Setting an account is very easy, and grabbing the wid
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get is a breeze. You don't have to be a techie to actually understand how it works, and grab the code to be put to your site.The reports are also done almost in real time, and you can find out the URL of your content that has been shared by a user, and what service did the user shared it to.But of course, it's not without its kinks:You can't know and track the URLs that have been emailed by users. You also won't know the email addresses of the sender and the recipient that some email share-to-a-friend scripts can show you.There's tendency to show false positives, and therefore inflated reports (just hope that it's not 100% inflated reports). A user can click on share to Stumbleupon, but for some reason, the user failed to login to his Stumbleupon account thereby failing to share the content in Stumbleupon. But AddThis will already read the fact that the buttom was clickd on as a success and report that the URL was shared in StumbleuponSharing blog posts can be a bit screwy. Sometimes the URL will not be reported in your account and instead will show this data:post.title/. This is also the URL automatically posted into the user form, so unless the user removed this message and replaced it with the actual URL then it becomes a worthless shareBut even with the above kinks, AddThis is a great tool for sharing your site and helping it go viral

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