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Why did you become an entrepreneur? Or if you are just planning to become one, why be an entrepreneur? Is it because:You love the idea of succeeding based on your own terms?You love the game and challenge of entrepreneurship?You want to become rich?You want to become financially secure?You know you can change the world with your business?You like to be financially secure?You enjoy giving back to the community?You feel you can do and gain so much more on your own outside the confines of employment?Or is it because you have no other option at this point but try to make it on your own?Whatever re
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asons you have for becoming an entrepreneur, I'd love to hear it!

I'm trying out a new way to reward people for referring me more subscribers. It's based on the idea of
The other day I was in the doctor’s office and I was flipping through an issue of Portfolio magazine and I noticed an ad that said “Women Don’t Ask… It’s in the Numbers:“. The advertisement is for a book called “Women Don’t Ask“, and I found their web site to [...]
Looking for the Cheapest Insurance? Your life insurance policy and insurance premium may be adjustable to get you the cheapest insurance possible with the coverage you need.
Google AdWords have today added a new feature which allows advertisers to name and view different conversion types.

This looks like it could become very useful to clearly differentiate between leads, registration signups, sales etc. For more information here’s the Google Help page.
Post from SEOptimise's SEO Blog
Google AdWords adds Conversion Tracking Naming

LinkConnector's Widget technology makes it simple to offer product content on blogs and social networks. Bloggers. Facebook, and MySpace users can now provide revenue-producing product content on their pages and participate in the growing world of affiliate marketing.

I have been a big fan of Google Base , and other shopping solutions sites for as long as they have been open to the public. I have been reading so much about the future of Google, and what their future holds, and it makes me want to preach Google Base!...(read more)
In this post Muhammad Saleem asks why do you write? Muhammad is a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on many social sites. image by mezone
Why Do You Write?
Sounds like an odd question at first, doesn’t it? The reason why you write actually has a big impact on how you write and what [...]
You know all about pay per click, but what is pay per action? Pay per action is the new model of advertising that has yet to be implemented, but I expect it to start becoming more popular over time. Essentially, pay per action allows the advertiser to bid on certain self-defined actions. Like pay per [...]
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