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I have a love-hate relationship with my telco. Whenever I move house it tends to be hate as they invariably screw up service transfers in every conceivable way. But I’ve recently fallen back in love with them for their expensive, yet incredible wireless broadband coverage; speaking of which, I had an interesting call from them [...]
Now that Microsoft has withdrawn its offer to purchase Yahoo!, the No. 2 search engine has started looking for other opportunities, one of which is to run Google AdSense ads on its network of websites. If that happens, what would that mean for Google AdWords advertisers?
First, it would mean that Yahoo! Search Marketing is bowing [...]
Last week I asked readers about their biggest sources of traffic to their blogs.
The results reveal a fairly striking winner - Google.

The comparison between Google and ‘Other Search Engines’ was fairly amazing - but what did interest me was the number of bloggers reporting Social Media sites as their number 1 source of traffic (15%). [...]
Whether you call it herd mentality, social proof, safely in numbers, follow the leader or keeping up with the joneses - today more than ever, social decision making plays a big role in consumer purchase decisions. Use these ideas to boost affiliate sales conversions

Like I always say, if only scammers would put all that effort into good.. here’s the latest scam to hit my inbox; domain name owners beware.
Post Post Post… yawn… Post Post Post… sigh… Post Post Post… eyes glazing over…

Do you ever find blogging a little mind numbing as a blogger?
Do you ever look at other people’s blogs and feel a little bored?

Most bloggers who have been blogging for a sustained period of time go through patches where either they feel [...]
Finding your life purpose how to do it and why it is essential. Your life purpose should be derived form your values. How to live by your life purpose. Step 12 in Financial Freedom course.
What kind of analysis is necessary before you start your pay per click campaign?
It’s a good question and there is an answer, though I’m sure that every PPC advertiser does his own analysis a little differently. But we probably all agree on what kinds of analyses are necessary prior to the launch of your [...]
I get asked a lot of questions about blogging but every now and again I like to run a poll to help me prioritize your needs. So this week’s ProBlogger poll is all about refining and ordering your needs.

I’ve taken the 9 most common topics that I’m asked about and have listed them in a [...]
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