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How are your business cards, or do you even have any? I know some Internet marketers don’t care for business cards, and don’t bother with them. And then others have lame cards – terminally plain or really low quality. Anyhow, here are some of the cards I’ve liked from the past year to help you [...]
Considering installing a pool or shed without the proper council permits? Be careful, Google Earth is watching.
Google Earth is an incredibly useful and incredibly creepy tool. I’m navigationally challenged when it comes to the suburbs and love how Google Earth makes what used to be white knuckle trips into areas I’m not familiar with not [...]

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Build your own websiteDesigning a website from scratch requires extensive knowledge about programming and coding, as well as technical design. However, there are several website hosts that allow anyone to build a website for personal or business use quickly and... Recent Article published on 8/7/2010 by Kara Page


Google Apps features a wide variety of services, including Email hosting.Google Apps provides a customizable online solution for email and website hosting. Its calendar and document services allow for easy sharing, global accessibility and multi-user editing of group calendars, text documents, spreadsheets and... Recent Article published on 8/9/2010 by Gretchen Freeman

Ever since Google launched the Search Query Report in AdWords, advertisers have been using the data to refine and evaluate their current keyword lists, identifying any potential new keywords that they could add into their accounts. As those of us who use these reports know all too well, when looking at these reports you do [...]
If you do not intentionally optimize your content for a specific keyword phrase, and intentionally get backlinks to that content, you will STILL get traffic and readers...
Digital agency Azam Marketing are hosting a fun networking & comedy evening in central London on Friday 17th June, and the guest list is now open for any affiliates, marketers, web design, SEO and PPC specialists, agencies and network staff who would like to attend. The event is being hosted at the Highlight Camden Comedy [...]

Join Azam Marketing for a Networking & Comedy Evening

Guest article by Oliver Ackers of As you may already know, getting into affiliate marketing can be quite daunting, and is hard to get going in the correct direction, and then most people will usually give up anyway. Well here’s something that may help you get your foot in the door with a little [...]

Affiliate Referral Websites – Getting a Free Gift

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