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Today in the NYT there’s a piece about bloggers blogging til they drop and the impact of blogging on health. I’ve been asked numerous times since the article came out for comment and I’ve had a few random thoughts. Let me post them as a stream of consciousness type post:

For starters I think people in [...]
This week's special guest - Thor Schrock, the man behind Top Affiliate Challenge. Listen in Thursday - Affiliate Marketing Insider on

Bluehost has just recently modified (upgraded) their web hosting plan. The new plan increased the disk space increased to 1,500 GB while the monthly bandwidth was bumped to a whooping 15,000 BG. There are some other good updates.
But I am sure many of you have asked themselves well I bought my web hosting with [...]
Do you write original content for your site such as useful articles and tutorials? Chances are your content is earning money for others - without your knowledge and permission.
Click here to enjoy my Vision Statement!Take our Prosperity Powerline Tour now! Love, Live Abundantly!Carrie Gebbie, MShttp://amalaki.homebusinesspros.com Together in Success!PS! A-Z in your residual income choices (agel-zrii)!North America choices of residual income:1. Healthy Coffee!2. Zrii!Global choices of residual income:1. GDI! $10 a month everyone can afford, and needs for business!2. Talk Fusio
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I’m excited to announce today one of the worst kept secrets in my life - over the last year (longer actually) I’ve been writing a book with Chris Garrett. Today we’re Pre-Launching it as we’re just weeks from the book becoming available for purchase. The book is published by Wiley and is titled:
ProBlogger Book — [...]
It’s been a few days since I wrote my last blog post. I’ve been super busy in California over the past week, attending EliteRetreat and taking some time to visit the area for a few days after. The event was awesome and I can’t say enough about, I never wrote so many notes from one [...]
Missing Link Video Shows You Where the Money Comes From

I have a brand new free “words = Money” training video that shows you exactly where the money comes from!
This one is a real monster! I’m really proud of it and I know it can help you make more money! I had a lot of fun [...]
The weekend has been a huge success so far, in terms of inspiration and connections. A few updates for you: I am officially a Stomper now, there are 5 joint venture opportunities I am looking into and the number of followers on my Twitter account has more than tripled since I’ve been here…
PWhether you are thinking of starting a retail or online store (or even for eBay trading), one of the critical steps is to find suppliers for your business. If you want to sell, you need to find out where you can get the items you want at a price that would allow you to earn profit.Here are some places where you can find suppliers:1. Trade shows. Trade shows are where manufacturers and suppliers gather looking for you -- the potential buyer. As such, the best source of finding suppliers for your business is through attending trade shows.First determine the products you want to sell in your sto
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re, and find tradeshows and exhibits for that product line. Start with the biggest tradeshow in the industry. If you want to sell shoes, for example, the best show to attend is the World Shoe Association's Global Footwear and Accessories Marketplace For fabric sourcing, be sure to attend Sourcing at Magic participated by manufacturers, fabric and textile mills, trim & component, textile/print design studios and supply chain service providers.To find the must-see tradeshows, check out industry directories and sites as they will often have a list of the most important tradeshows. Or you can check out at trade show directories such as Note though that some tradeshows are open to the public, but there are shows that are open only to verified members of the industry. When you register, some shows require proof such as business registration, business cards, invoices demonstrating your purchase history; or if the business is yet to be started, a letter of intent from a lawyer or bank indicating your intention to start a business in the industry.2. Trade Magazines. Suppliers and manufacturers typically advertise in magazines focusing on their industries. For example, manufacturers of scrapbook products from albums to stickers to scrapbooking tools advertise in magazines such as Creating Keepsakes or Simple Scrapbooks magazine.Some trade magazines even publish an annual buyer's guide directory. Greetings etc., the magazine of the Greeting Card Association publishes a Buyer's Guide where you can find anywhere from manufacturer reps to distributors to manufacturers of various industry related products.3. Online Wholesaler Resources. You can check out online wholesaler directories such as -- though watch out for scams and fake sites as there are many out there. Also check out the print magazine WebWholesaler , which is the magazine for online wholesale resources and features legitimate wholesaler resources (check out the ads, too, which are all wholesalers).You can get more ideas on how to find suppliers for your business from my previous post "How to Find Suppliers for Your Business"

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