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Google Analytics just got better, or did it?
Overall, I think the industry benchmarking statistics is a good idea. I welcome them. But there is something that eats at me about it and, no, it isn’t the privacy issue.
It is Google’s assertion that they won’t use your data unless you opt in. Well, that bothers me [...]
If you are familiar with me or Article Underground you should know that my primary sumary of what it takes to make it big in Internet Marketing and Web Publishing is the Mike Liebner mantra “Build Pages - Get Links!”.

I jokingly say Mike Liebner MANTRA because in the private Article Underground members only forum, that saying has become a [...]
A decrease in the number of paid clicks made by searchers browsing Google results is because of changes the search engine giant chose to make to its algorithm and strategy, an employee has claimed.
In its fourth quarter financial results, the company acknowledged a fall in the number of responses to its paid adverts.
However, Alan Eustace, [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Clicks down but conversion rates up, Google insists", url: "" });
Apologies to Pink Floyd and Vera Lynn. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the original Googlers seem to have been eclipsed by their own brand and not all that much is heard from them directly these days. So what are they up to?
In this post Evan Carmichael shares a few lessons that bloggers can learn from Sony.

Since Darren is a fan of digital photography and the Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 made his top 10 list of point and shoot digital cameras, I thought it would be fun and valuable to see what lessons bloggers could take from one [...]
Linking to your blog’s most popular posts in a prominent location is essential practice, because it gives new visitors a place to go. They don’t have time to search around for good content: they want to see the best you have to offer, straight away...
Keyword stuffing - I’m still see a lot of this around, so I thought I’d make mention of it as a “don’t” in terms of search engine optimization; in all its forms.
Trade Doubler is going down in my estimations.
It’s still surprising how many marketing emails I get from folks trying to get around email filters by using obfuscated text.
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