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Internet Explorer 8 will be available as a more stable beta for Joe Surfer soon and one of the interesting features I’ve been reading about recently are “webslices” and how they relate to ecommerce.
Up until Flash CS3, I think Flash had been slowly drifting into becoming a niche market technology. But now, Flash CS3 (and the Flash player 9) puts Flash back into the game as an important player.
… This means that it now makes more sense for web developers to learn Flash technology. I go over [...]
This week we’ve been looking at how to reach our potential by overcoming Blogger Inferiority Complex - a condition that cripples many bloggers.
Yesterday I suggested two steps to overcome this problem:
1. Identify What You Have - don’t focus one what you don’t have but instead focus upon what is at your fingertips that can be [...]
Lynn shares 7 simple ways to optimize an online store or ecommerce site, even if you sell a common product. Use these easy steps to get better search engine rankings, more links and more traffic...
OK I admit it. I'm a big Idol fan. Even if I wasn't I would still appreciate this! 5 Lessons Affiliate Marketers Can Learn From American Idol. Awesome post! Wish I would have thought to write it! My Fav lesson is about conversions…

First Google AdWords said they were going to start publishing print advertising campaigns. Then they said they were going to publish audio ads. Then they started talking about video ads. Now, advertisers can manage TV ads through Google AdWords.
This is one exciting announcement. It looks like you can produce your own TV ads and publish [...]
I finally just discovered and experienced Twitter for myself after reading about it often enough.. but now I’ve used it and I actually have an understanding about what it is.
What is Twitter?

Well, I must admit, it’s not exactly what I thought it was.
Follow or be followed….
Twitter is a place online to let people know what you’re [...]
Almost a year ago I started experimenting with a new technique (new for me at least) of creating ‘Best Seller Lists’ as a technique to drive more sales at Amazon’s Affiliate Program.
The concept was simple:

Analyze the things that customers have bought previously from your affiliate links to Amazon (they give you this information in their [...]
Are you making money with lead generation as an affiliate? Most likely
you're sending traffic to CPA offers and getting paid $1.25 per lead,
right? How would you like to
Goodbye to April and hello to May, it’s time for another Blog Revenue Report. April was a good month and pretty much started off with me being in California for a week for EliteRetreat. The event was awesome and I decided to stay a few extra days to [...]
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