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It happens all the time - an employee spends considerable time researching the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO) and other online marketing endeavours only to discover their boss fails to share or even understand their enthusiasm.
There are so many businesses out there which are not exploiting the potential of the web - sometimes because [...]

The new tax law states if Amazon has even one affiliate in New York they need to charge sales tax, just as if they had employees in NY. Here is a copy of the actual complaint Amazon filed against the State of New York.

When I was working on the redesign of the, I found (as a starting point) that the templates that ship with Dreamweaver CS3 useful.
Dreamweaver CS3 starter templates
Dreamweaver has a nice collection of bare-bones web templates. One thing I found cool about these templates, is that they contain a lot of notes that describe why [...]
Every year I run different holiday and promotional ads out of various local classified newspapers, and every year it has brought me a great return. Usually for a small time newspaper the ad cost about 30 bucks, and runs anywhere from one week to a month....(read more)
Ryan Travis from Chitika was kind enough to respond to some of the concerns mentioned in my previous post (and it’s comments) about their CPM ads:

“We have seen that there are a LOT of times and situations where a publisher’s ads simply will not get clicked on. In these situations, it makes the most [...]
When it comes to optimizing your website for PPC, you need to pay attention to certain factors and get your website ready for taking orders. As the Google Analytics Blog notes, the difference between website optimization and search engine optimization is that website optimization is focused on preparing your website for sales while SEO is [...]
Looking for a new niche market, or tired of your current ad campaigns? Spice your marketing up by aiming what people are searching for. Below are just a few resources you can use to target and search out new niche markets and hot products.
What are people buying on eBay?
One of the [...]
The MVP (Most Valuable POSTER)Award goes to the person we think stands out as an insightful poster and helpful member. Congrats Niche and genuwine4532! Thanks for all you do to make 5 Star the most positive, helpful affiliate community around!

The book selling business is a very competitive business. The intense competition from online giant plus the big bookstore chains such as Barnes and Noble and Borders has put huge pressures on profit margin and made it difficult for independent booksellers to thrive.But if you have been dreaming of starting a bookstore, I suggest you start by getting a copy of the book FabJob Guide to Become a Bookstore Owner and other books on the topic. These books are comprehensive and will guide you to some critical decision making needed when starting a bookstoreThen make sure you attend the Bo
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ok Expo America, which will be held in LA this year on May 29 - June 1 -- this is the PERFECT place to meet publishers big and small, and start setting up accounts with these publishing houses. I've attended several of these in recent years, and it is one big event where both big publishers to independent publishers gather. It is a must-attend for every bookseller.Also be sure to check out the resources provided by the following organizations: American Booksellers Association Industry Study Group's Bookwire (for book industry statistics and news) One important aspect of starting a bookstore is developing relationships with book wholesalers and distributors. Determine the major and minor book suppliers that you want to purchase from. Then inquire how you can become a customer, and if you need to go through a credit approval process. They will give you their catalogs from which you can order your inventory. The largest book wholesalers are Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, but if you want to specialize in children's books, contact the Children's Book Council .

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