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Do you do all of your keyword research with a keyword research tool or do you do any “manual picking?” Let me tell you why you should do both.
The advantage to using a keyword research tool is that the process is automated. It’s a lot quicker to use a tool or a service, but the [...]
Affiliates, sometimes you come across a merchant you really want to work with that has a big 800# commission leak. You contact them and it turns out they didn't realize the potential problem the way an affiliate sees it - as potential lost sales. They see the light and want to do the right thing, just aren't sure how.

Out of date blogging software can be vulnerable to bugs and attacks from hackers. Just make sure to back up your previous install and that you know what you’re doing...
Website owners are always faced with challenges, such as:Why can't I get traffic to my site?Why are my sales so poor?Why are my sales poor when I have lots of traffic coming to my site?Why are my advertising revenue so low?If you have extensive knowledge about how the Web works, savvy about online marketing, and loves to analyze web metrics, you can earn money by reviewing other web sites. Think of yourself more as a consultant who is willing to look at the website as a whole and analyze why it is working or why it is not. This type of service goes beyond SEO or internet marketing, but offers
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a comprehensive view of the website performance and troubleshoot problemsOne example of such service is, where for $95, they will review your site design, usability and marketing effectiveness. Their review outline can give you an idea of how a site review can be done.You can also choose to simply include website review as one of the services offered by your existing business., for example, is a professional copywriting firm with site review as one of their services.However, it is important to note that there are forums, Q&A sites or blogs that offer website reviews for FREE. In Yahoo Answers, for example, one of the common questions in the search engine optimization section is to review the asker's website. Hence, for your paid service to succeed, you need to provide an in-depth analysis, not just cosmetic reviews that they can get from YA or other forums. To make your PAID website review successful, here are my suggestions:Focus on usability analysis.from navigation architecture to credibility and flow of the siteAnalysis of web metrics such as funnel analysis to show how a person goes from one page to the goal of the site (e.g. purchase page or advertising order)Search engine optimization analysis focusing on on-page factors and link analysisConversion analysis to help the site owner finetune elements of the site to improve sales and turn visitors to buyersIf you will give any of the above, then you can definitely charge for your review.

Wow, there seems to be a lot of talk about some rule changes for Adwords display urls that is kicking up a bit of a stir. The original article was from over at PPC Hero blog - Google updates adwords display url policy.
“As of April 1, Google will be making significant changes to their enforcement [...]
Previously I thought that a search box only appeared when a domain was enough of an authority to get sitelinks.
Legal and General is being given a site search box without having sitelinks, I can’t see any other examples of this happening though.

Post from SEOptimise's SEO Blog
You don’t need sitelinks to get a search box
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "You don’t need sitelinks to get a search box", url: "" });
Linkshare publishers will now be able to quickly access all their information, plus get tools to manage their accounts and analyze results with enhanced usability and quicker access to programs, links, and reports.

I’m doing a quick impromptu Ustream Q&A chat right now on the ProBlogger Channel on UStream.
Come by and say hi!
Here’s an embedded version of it - lets see if this works.

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Hi it’s Mike Liebner coming to you from the “smoky West coast of California”!
I’m fine by the way! (see my other personal blog link at bottom for pictures and a video)
The Southern California wildfires may still be burning out of control, but I still have some important information on Affiliate Info Product Marketing Training to [...]
I get emails all the time from bloggers and web site owners, asking how they can get more advertising for their site, when they should start placing ads and how much they should charge. Since there is always such a high demand for advertising and answers to these questions, I [...]
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