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Squidoo and RSS - All is not as it seems - so be sure to look at the code!
The source code of your squidoo lens pages that is! (go to “Page Source” or “View source” in your browser)

I just realized that the lenses on which I have added RSS Feeds do NOT pass any benefit to [...]
John Reese launched BlogRush today, and with it's unique 10-tier
Two days ago I asked my followers on Twitter why they loved Twitter.
There were over 100 responses within 2 hours and some of them were really good - I wasn’t sure what to do with them all but just yesterday I’d seen a video with a whole lot of screen caps of Tweets at Rocketboom. [...]
In the previous “Quick Tips to Improving Your Landing Page”, I covered the topics of less navigation, keeping it simple, monetizing your forms, info requests and to keep testing. Here are a few more ideas and examples on how you can improve your landing pages for pay per click campaigns or whatever [...]
If you earn residual income, youll have more choices and freedom. Learn why residual income is the most important kind of income to have. Recommended passive income sources.
Over the last 24 hours Alexa has updated it’s ranking algorithm in a move to make traffic stats more accurate, they have also reduced the date range to a maximum of 9 months.
The official Alexa announcement states that “Your ranking wasn’t wrong before, but it was different.”, there’s a few people who will probably disagree [...]

Joel Comm just released Adsense 4.0, a long awaited update to his popular Adsense Secrets guide. Joel has had the #1 top-selling Adsense guide on the market for over 3 years now, which has sold for $97. Today, you can get the latest edition for under ten bucks…
Enter keyword, and it shows you the predicted demographics of who might be searching for this term. Important info for targeting your campaigns. Next tool shows other KW entries that co-occur within the same user session. You can adjust your hop levels…

A quick note about a cool contest they are having over at Earners Forumn - they are calling it the Webmaster Inspiration Contest. I was tipped off about this contest from one of my favorite Wordpress Theme designers - Brian Gardner, you can check out his stuff at In addition, Brian has entered the [...]
How much do you know about your customers? Don’t be ashamed to admit not a lot as you’re certainly not alone.
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