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The price of oil reaching new highs is hardly news any more - and in the words of the great philosophers, Bachman Turner Overdrive, “B-B-B-Baby, you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud - it’s driving shoppers to spend their cash online.
One of the rising work at home scams nowadays is what is called "repackaging or reshipping scams."The modus operandi works like this: you may receive an unsolicited email or see a post on Craigslist or a job board telling you that you can get paid for acting as a middleman where your job is to accept goods and send them to a given address. Or you will sell items they will supply on eBay and will accept payment for them. These criminals are often based in the former Soviet bloc countries, with many coming from Russia.Sounds easy right? More so when you hear that you can get paid around $20-$40
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for every package processed and sent!Alas, many are finding that these are but scams. Worse, there have been reports that some people get jailed for it. reports that a man was nearly jailed for this "job" because he was accepting goods apparently purchased with stolen credit cards.In one case, a woman was sued for selling a Russian antique jewelry box on eBay because the item never arrived after the buyer sent her several thousands of dollars for the winning bid. The middleman said that she wired the money to her Russian bosses after receiving word that the item will be sent as soon as the money is received. But no antique jewelry box came, and the Russian who hired her through a job board posting disappeared. Unfortunately for the middleman, the buyer went after her. She accepted the job because she was in desperate need of cash, and was not expecting that the "job" will end up in court.Read the warning issued by the United States Postal Service about this reshipping scamRemember the cardinal rule: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A few months ago I was interviewed by Revenue Magazine for a feature about recruiting affiliates. The article titled: Looking for a Few Good Affiliates was published in the January/February issue and was just added to the web site, so even non-subscribers can read it.
The 3 page article is filled with great tips from [...]

This weekend is a long weekend here in Australia (for ANZAC day) and it’s also my birthday on Sunday… so this weekend I want to try something a little different here on ProBlogger.

Yesterday I asked my followers on Twitter if they had any questions that they wanted me to answer on ProBlogger. There was a [...]
Knowing what words are on your pages can be very helpful!

The free keyword tool AUKDAT will analyze your web page and tell you how many single words, 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases are on your web page (or your competitors). This is powerful information as you can now vary your link text with words and [...]
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A new lawsuit accuses Google of deception with regard to its Google AdWords Content Network. But David Snyder isn’t buying it:
The idea that Google would knowingly deceive advertisers seems a bit far fetched to me, well not that they would deceive, but that they did deceive.
I partly agree with this. Google really has nothing [...]
AdSense have today rolled out their new(ish) Ad Review Center for all AdSense publishers. I’m happy about this as I was in this last batch of publishers to see it.
The idea behind the Ad Review Center is that when advertisers target your specific blog you now can see that they’re targeting it and can approve [...]
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