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Information Week had a good article about the affiliate marketing session at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Always great to see our industry get positive play in mainstream media. I blogged earlier about

Time Sensitive Information on a Killer Product for Experienced Online Marketers Only
WARNING: Do not read this UNLESS you are an experienced internet marketer and are already making a good living from building web sites. It will require a substantial investment of time and money.
This product is a monster, but is expensive and is NOT for [...]
What is multi level marketing? Often people are confused about this. Its important to understand the difference between a legitimate multi level marketing business and an illegal pyramid. What is mlm
In this post Gala Darling from iCiNG shares some of her experiences of growing her blog and getting readers involved with comments.
“When you started iCiNG, how did you make it known? And goodness I’m gonna sound pretentious but how long did it take for you to start having constant readers and comments? I started my [...]
Just wanted to share a quick note with everyone, and tell about a new book that I just got done reading co-authored by Bill Zanker (president of the Learning Annex ) and Donald Trump titled " Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life ". This book is...(read more)
Every video marketer I know is recommending the Flip Video Ultra. I was finally converted - and placed an order for this way cool tech tool, but it wasnt the buzz on the virtual streets that triggered my ordering impulse. It was a special guest on my back deck (aka the outdoor office) last night that sealed the deal…
LeftTheBox asks “Hey Darren I know you post daily but do you try to post at a certain time each day?”
I certainly do! I not only set myself minimum post numbers each day but I’ve taken it a little further and narrowed down some daily posting windows that I aim for.

Really it comes down to [...]
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