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Yesterday on the preview call for Six Figure Blogging I was asked about starting multiple blogs. I mentioned that if I were going to start a blog network afresh today as a single blogger that I’d probably do it focused around a single niche rather than starting focusing upon numerous topics with numerous blogs.
This isn’t [...]
Google is changing its trademark policy in the UK and Ireland. The policy will reflect the way it’s been in the U.S. since the very beginning, namely, that advertisers can bid on any keyword that is relevant to their business, including the competitions’ trademarks. Here’s what this means for advertisers:
If you are being beat by [...]
From the very beginning of this website I have used WP-Polls plugin to collect the votes on web hosting providers featured on this site. After considerable amount of feedback I have decided to introduce a new way to let you cast your votes for your favorite or maybe not so favorite web hosting provider. So [...]
Oh wow, one of my worst nightmares and one I’m sure the English teachers from my school days share - textspeak, the lingo of SMS, is increasingly appearing in ads.
Many merchants and new affiliate networks ask me about how to screen for affiliate fraud or verify new affiliates. Here's a good general article I just found that can be used as a basic guide. This would be especially helpful as an overview for new affiliate managers.

The following guest post on measuring a blog’s success has been submitted by Mark Seall.
A guide to systematically troubleshooting your blog’s performance by focusing on the measures that make a difference.

Apparently it’s really easy to get zillions of subscribers to your blog - Just follow a few simple steps, work hard and write good stuff. [...]
Every once in a while I will run across some information that I think you will find helpful and I will bring it to your attention. Below I have information from a great article on “supplemental results” you should read!
But first, let’s talk about the weather!

I hope you are having a great Summer!
I know it [...]
Most people who work in search engine optimisation are also avid internet users. We are the early adopters, the relentless bloggers and the people who conduct 90 per cent of our shopping online. We are – or am I about to be buried under a tirade of denial? – geeks.
So when we work to optimise [...]

Forget Dmoz, why not implement Google Checkout and appear on a Google own PR8 (toolbar…) page?
The Google Checkout Directory has a fair few links, but why not apply?

“To apply for the store directory, contact us. In your request, specify the login email address for your merchant account and your store’s display name and product category.“
Remember, [...]
The event will cover Social Marketing and Search Engine Marketing, and includes site reviews and round tables. I’m leaving today and will be back sometime on Monday, and I expect I’ll have some cool stuff to share with you when I return...
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