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A few days ago I profiled Joel Comm’s new ebook, “Adsense Secrets 4.0” on the blog. Along with many other well known bloggers promoting the book, we were previously sent the ebook before it went live for sale. I assume the majority of us only looked at the landing page, but [...]
The idea behind this website was very simple one. Offering just basic information about web hosting providers and leaving the reviews in the hands of the visitors looked very attractive. However when this website was born (in August of 2006) only negative reviews were “puring” in. It was hard to decide on whether or not [...]
I was reading through an old notebook last week and came across a quote that leapt out from the page at me. It was partly because it was written in CAPITALS and had arrows pointing at it - but partly because of what it said.

“Probably the best place to start thinking about what your blog [...]
ComicCon is the elite convention of the year for geeks, comic fans, sci-fan fanatics and anyone just looking to have some fun. The event was held at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City, so you know it’s going to be a huge event. This was my first ComicCon, so I [...]
As if identity theft were not a large enough concern in our generation, you now have to second guess even those secure and trusted transactions every time you hand over your credit card…
Read - the words - from the Keyword Research Secret Weapon video.

I thought I would give it a try and see how it went…. video transcription from an AU video on Keyword Research… I’m not sold on it 100%… Maybe it was just the person who transcribed it or perhaps I talk so funny that [...]
Affiliates and Ecommerce entrepreneurs that want to seriously build a business, at some point need to consider how
update: please note the update at the bottom of this post.
It has been a big week for bloggers launching products and making special offers.
AdSense guru Joel Comm has this week also announced a new product (or rather an update of an old one) called AdSense Secrets 4.0.
Joe’s written many resources for those wanting to improve [...]
(Source) No double-digit click increases for Google again in comScore’s assessment of paid click activity, as the firm found a mild 2.7 percent year over year rise in March.
First they wanted click fraud protection, now they want double-digit increases? It’s time for PPC analysts to take a breather and expect some realistic results. Advertisers have [...]
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