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Haunted Hands Resist Him Painting Item #: Unknown Auction Result: The Painting sold for $1,025 This is the original haunted eBay Painting. Hands Resist Him was painted by Bill Stoneham in 1979. It depicts a young Stoneham standing in front of a door with...(read more)
Several months ago I reported on being acquired for several millions of dollars. A month after that post, I made another one about how the company that was purchasing, saw a huge increase in their ComScore figures. The company that acquired and multiple other high traffic entertainment [...]
Microsoft has proudly announced the addition of something that looks very similar to Google sitelinks to their search results.
In fact if I was Google I would be digging out the patent they have that shows how these results are generated and thinking hard about whether to challenge how Microsoft is doing this.

One commenter put it [...]

Brian Clark, the copywriting guru, will be starting a series of posts on content and copywriting strategies for affiliate marketing, over at Copyblogger. I'm a regular reader of his blog which always has great tips about writing copy that sells, so I'm happy to see him do a series that focuses on affiliate marketing.

Starting today, you'll receive an email notifying you of each new post here at ClickNewz - the same day it is published - instead of the usual 5 post archive. I’m not sure yet if it should send a notification for every post, or do a daily batch in case there are multiple posts per day. We’ll have to work out the kinks. I could really use your feedback on this…
You often hear of the advice that you need to "engage your customers." Engaged customers are more loyal, and more likely to recommend you to others.But how exactly do you "engage the customer," especially online where you don't get a chance to personally talk to the customer and present your products unlike traditional retailing? Get out of the mentality that all you need to sell is to write the features and descriptions of your products. You need to communicate to them why your brand is different from your competitors.Understand your customers by knowing what is important to them, the languag
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e they use to communicate , their lifestyle, and what they respond to.Show what the customers can buy, and explain why they should buy them.Use testimonials, stories and photos of customers who have used your products.Offer additional content in your website that will provide context to the use of your products (e.g. recipes that can be cooked using your kitchen utensil products)I discussed in one of the best examples of the use of experiential marketing on the Web today, that by the outdoor clothing company For more information and tips on how to engage the customer, read the article "Building Customer Engagement."

I love these new terms that seem to pop up every day :). So what is neurologically optimal advertising?
You get an idea for a post - it might start out as just a few words, a title, a point or two - but how do you take the idea and mould it into a full post?
In he above video (see a full sized version of it here) I take you through a [...]
Thanks to the value of the inbound link, the internet has become a massive information resource. Industry figures are actually competing to share their opinion, to offer up their expertise for free as they claw their way to higher rankings.
Because of this, valuable knowledge has become free – a fantastic situation for a new SEO [...]

I’d like to discuss how ugly patterns, excessive repetition and blatant footprints can be the ultimate buzz kill when it comes to getting top rankings for your primary targeted keyword phrases on Google.

I’ll explain what some common patterns, repetition and footprints are, and I’ll explain how to remedy the situations so that sinking ships can [...]
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