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10 has a new blog called "Learning from Big Boys" at .This new blog focuses on what small and home-based entrepreneurs can learn from big businesses -- both the great things that make them successful, as well as the mistakes that make them stumble (yes, they make lots of mistakes, too!). Big businesses may need 100,000 employees to run their business, but the process that a 1-person business owner goes through remains the same: determine the needs of the market, provide the product or service that market needs, and reach that market (albeit usi
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ng simplier operations and processes).There are so many things we can learn from how other companies operate their businesses-- from finding opportunities in the marketplace, using innovative strategies to tap online users, developing products or raising capital for their businesses. This new blog will distill those lessons.Please check out our new blog Learning from Big Boys. Comments and suggestions for topics are most welcome.

Please make note of that for updates & resources! For now, enroll at with Carrie Gebbie; 310-306-8075 as your enroller, we can re-arrange later (before launch) or call me for a partner in your area! In 'soft launch' phases we get excited & start creating fast without having ALL the info; the policies & procedures and a letter from Bill Farley & corporate (that I received TODAY) ask us to not create domain names or blogs with the word Zrii, or any part of that in them.... you may take our Zrii income opportunity tour at
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m to see that we have a Billion Dollar Brand in the making!Therefore, if you've done so; please begin your alternate new blog/domain; and start "creating" your abundant messages about the Zrii product & opportunity there :)Next steps... begin sharing with everyone in your past business life the incredible opportunity we have here with Zrii where all the pieces are together; endorsed by the Chopra Center, created by multi-millionaire Bill Farley who'll be assisting us in this "Billion Dollar brand that is about to take flight!"I apologize to any of you whom this may effect... create your new blogs now!To your Abundance!Carrie Gebbie, our team zrii blog is moving to please visit now!feed me!
Good news for naughty affiliates. Nightmare for real brands.
Google are moving inline with their policies in the US/Canada.
We’re writing to inform you that we’re changing our trademark complaint procedure in the UK and Ireland. This change may affect how we handle the trademark complaint you currently have on file with Google.
If you’ve submitted a complaint [...]
It’s easy for PPC advertisers to think that pay-per-click is the only effective method of advertising online. It’s so easy to track and you can analyze your results, but there are other methods of advertising online that work as well. Many of them may take longer, but they are still effective. Ideally, you will use [...]
In today’s video post I want to show you a technique that can help those of us struggling to come up with ideas to post about on our blogs to discover post ideas that are relevant to what our readers are looking for information on. In the few minutes that this video goes for I [...]
Breaking news as eBay has just taken over it’s affiliate program on April 1st from Commission Junction and has brought it in house.

This is good news for anyone who has been less than happy with’s poor statistics and archaic ways of setting up links. Hopefully eBay will make it easier to track stats and make [...]
Got an affiliate program or want one? Are you looking for affiliates? Well watch out - some of your affiliates are about to be poached from
Way back in 2002, a client needed a special sort of shopping cart; something that would work off the shelf. I went through over 130 possible solutions to try and find the right one. Today, the range of choices is even larger - so no wonder people get confused as to what they need from [...]
Just a quick post/tip to followup on the April Fools post update that I did yesterday. While in general I find the day to be a distraction more than anything else (I’m sure many of us spent more time filtering pranks than doing much else yesterday) it is one of those days that has an [...]
It’s controversial and some people don’t like it, but one effective way to gain a foothold in pay per click advertising - especially if you’re just starting out - is to bid on your competitions’ key words, even their trademarked brand names.
Like I said, it’s controversial and some people don’t like it. But it works. [...]
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