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This guest post by Matt Harzewski of Webmaster-Source. Get webmaster resources, tips, and tutorials delivered straight to your feed reader by subscribing here.
You don’t just want people to subscribe to your RSS feed. You want them to keep coming back to the actual website. You want to build an online community that your users get [...]
Conversation Marketing had an interesting blog post on bidding on your own brand name. But I’m not sure why you’d slip from organic rankings for your own name:
1. It’s cheap. PPC engines’ quality scoring algorithms mean you’re likely to get the best deal on your own company and product names. That translates [...]
Once again, rumors are circulating that is for sale and this time is looks like Microsoft and Google are the interested parties. What originally started out as a post on TechCrunch, has turned into a widespread rumor and everyone is waiting to see what happens. As posted on [...]

I just released a new video tutorial on Dreamweaver CS3. In this video (part 1 of 3) I walk you through the process of building your first web page with Dreamweaver CS3.
This video targets people new to Dreamweaver and people new to web design.
The video: Build a web page with Dreamweaver
Stefan Mischook
To those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, two-tier could be a new term to you but to those who are involved in this kind of money-making experience; it could mean a stream of income. Two-tier is an enticing feature of a particular affiliate program wherein, affiliates are allowed to [...]
RevResponse -a new affiliate network focusing on bringing trade publications and affiliates together via lead generation, is looking for affiliates/publishers and
An interesting article in the Financial Times this week questioned why the Church of England had not put more of an effort into search engine optimisation to ensure the Archbishop of Canterbury’s explanation of his sharia law comments outranked the negative coverage.
Reporter David Bowen highlighted that the statement was buried on the church’s own homepage [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Negative press, archbishops and the art of SEO", url: "" });
A method of promotion that works well is to send authorative resource sites in your industry sector news about your business; but there’s a right and not-so-right way to do it.
Family money management sites to help you achieve financial freedom
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