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Some people seem to have been born knowing creative design principles. Others, maybe you included, have to struggle to develop even the tiniest creative skills they do have. One thing is for certain, you can learn to be more creative. And you can discover the creative design ideas that other artists use for inspiration, [...]
But, first... get on tour with us for creating your residual income & changine your life forever in 2008!My goal is to quadruple my income this year! That means, I have to HELP MORE people SUCCEED at what we do! Who's ready!??CLICK HERE to learn what we recommend & allow us to start building for you while you finish up your New Year's Celebration/Manifestations!!If you are attracted to the Chopra Center (tm) endorsed Zrii (tm) then take that tour HERE!Before I share those great words of wisdom, I also want to share this incredible marketing system that one of my other dear online partners se
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nt over! CLICK HERE to see an example of what's available to you using the system! Now... in gratitude for Linda's words... on "How to get what you want in 2008"!What I am big on now is setting goals and Intentions - andfor me there is no better time than the beginning of a freshnew year to set your Intentions to create your life the wayyou truly want it to be.Would you agree?As I sit here writing to you I am tucked away in a fabulouslog home in the North Carolina Mountains where we arevacationing for two weeks. I am surrounded by trees andmountain views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.I can't think of a better place to get clear about what Iwant for 2008.In 2007 my goal was to replace my husband's income. I havedone that and now my goal is to double or triple that incomein 2008.Why? So that we can have the freedom to do whatever we wantwhenever we want with the ability to help as many people aspossible.So how do you get what you want in 2008?I believe it is by a combination of getting clear about whatyou want, ASKing, and detaching from the outcome...surrending to a power that is greater than you.This is my affirmation which you are welcome to borrow:"I surrender to a power that is greater than me - that liveswithin me - who can deliver more good to me in more waysthan I can ever imagine for myself.For me, it means asking for what I want, surrending to thepower greater than me to deliver more good than I canimagine for myself...AND being open to receiving... ALLOWingmy good to flow to me in perfect and Divine timing.You may have seen in my signature, "Living in Divineinspiration."It means exactly that... opening myself to the Divineinspiration that flows through me when I allow it... and IAM allowing it.Creating what I want is getting easier and easier for me asI let go... and allow.You can too.Are you allowing what you want to flow into your life?Many of us say we want this or that but we can't afford itor we don't deserve or no one in our family has ever hadthat.Hogwash!You CAN have anything you want... starting right now.Since I left the corporate world as a paralegal almost 10years ago, I have learned SO much and I continue to learnevery day.One of my secrets is allowing people to get to know me andinviting new people into my life who are more knowledgeablethan me... who can lead me to resources and tools that willhelp me achieve my income goals.My business intention for 2008 is the same as it was for2007 - and you may borrow this one too..."It is my intention to attract to me those people who arelooking for the products and services I offer, who have thefinancial means to participate, and who are willing to putforth the effort to create success."Wouldn't you rather ATTRACT new business rather than spendyour time convincing others that what you have is right forthem?Why not just attract the people who are already looking foryou?It's a wonderful way to do business.And you can do that with little or no cost, by networkingonline through message boards, social communities, emaildiscussion lists, etc.So, as we leap into the new year, here are a few of theresources that I am using that are working for me. Perhapsthey will work for you too.I encourage you to take action to achieve what you want inyour life. Choose the way you want your life to be and move in thatdirection.When I surrendered to a power that is greater than me Ibegan to receive more than I could have imagined for myself.I am blessed and I am sending blessings to you for your newyear in 2008.With Love and Appreciation,Linda MillerI am Divinely InspiredTogether in Success & Creating the Life of your Dreams,Carrie Gebbie, MSResidual Income 310-306-8075feed me!
Why is comment count important? Two reasons. One, it increases the percieved value of your blog. And two, once visitors begin interacting with you they turn into loyal readers - which will steadily grow your readership...
Say you are scanning Google hot trends or Yahoo Buzz for new niches. Just highlight a phrase to see if there is a domain available. Warning: Dont use late at night when you've been drinking or you'll wake up with more domains than you know what to do with!

Free 90 Minute Podcast featuring myself Mike Liebner and Michael Campbell.
Here is the link to the just released 90 minute podcast I did with Michael Campbell of Internet Marketing Secrets.
Podcast Link - MP3 Audio
The MP3 is 90 minutes long and is loaded with tons of valuable information! We discuss PLR articles, linking and search engine [...]
Google has reported that its takeover of online ad agency DoubleClick has been approved in the US, following almost a year of awaiting regulatory approval.
The chairman of the search giant Eric Schmidt commented via the engine’s official blog that online marketers and publishers have long called for his firm to offer display advertising possibilities in [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Google DoubleClick acquisition approved", url: "" });
I can't believe this. Some 26 year old kid has released his "X Factor Affiliate" Report for free. It's show's how be bought two Ferrari's, a million dollar beach front home and a super yacht *IN LESS* than 12 months... ...using nothing more than the power of affiliate marketing. I've read it and was surprised at how he does it. This should spawn a new wave of affiliates. He gives a short video here too and also explains how you can make money referring others to his upcoming launch. Learn more about his secret.
The following post on finding your blogging voice was submitted by Lance from Honey and Lance.
We all know that content is king, and we’re also aware (sometimes painfully) that the vast majority of bloggers come from non-writing backgrounds. This means we come across a lot of bad writing. Grammar, structure, even spelling is the pits. [...]
As bloggers and internet marketers we can really appreciate the comments and feedback left by others when we write a new post or article. CollegeHumor recently created a series of videos which are based on “commentators” and their onslaught of comment postings, which really provide no value to anyone. Whether it’s the a “first!” or [...]
Because of recent demand, I decided to release my PHP video tutorials in iPod format - that means they play on your iPod.

… OK, you guys guessed that one.
These video were originally intended for viewing on a computer monitor, so some of the code examples will be harder to read since iPod screens [...]
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