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Got an affiliate program or want one? Are you looking for affiliates? Well watch out - some of your affiliates are about to be poached from
Way back in 2002, a client needed a special sort of shopping cart; something that would work off the shelf. I went through over 130 possible solutions to try and find the right one. Today, the range of choices is even larger - so no wonder people get confused as to what they need from [...]
Just a quick post/tip to followup on the April Fools post update that I did yesterday. While in general I find the day to be a distraction more than anything else (I’m sure many of us spent more time filtering pranks than doing much else yesterday) it is one of those days that has an [...]
It’s controversial and some people don’t like it, but one effective way to gain a foothold in pay per click advertising - especially if you’re just starting out - is to bid on your competitions’ key words, even their trademarked brand names.
Like I said, it’s controversial and some people don’t like it. But it works. [...]
It’s Friday morning and I’m sitting in session listening to Shawn Casey on List Building. Today is Day Two of the StomperNet LIVE conference and so far it has been an awesome experience. Yesterday was...
I previously wrote about Questions to Ask When Selling a Business and a developed it into a more comprehensive article, this time with 20 questions. I started by asking "Why are you selling your business"" to "Have you identified the right buyers for your business?" to "What will the letter of intent and terms of sale specify?" and other important questions.Read about 20 Questions to Ask When Selling a Business

It’s time for a reader discussion/open thread and today’s question is:
What is the Biggest Mistake That You’ve Made as a Blogger?
What in your time as a blogger do you look back on with regret, wish you’d not done or wish you’d done differently?
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I must admit I am miffed as to why I was not able to post anything new in this blog. Regardless, I am now back in action and the blog is working properly! More great SEO and BLOGGING info will be coming your way in the days ahead! Thanks!
Facebook's new "Beacon" feature adds a new social networking
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