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I can't believe this. Some 26 year old kid has released his "X Factor Affiliate" Report for free. It's show's how be bought two Ferrari's, a million dollar beach front home and a super yacht *IN LESS* than 12 months... ...using nothing more than the power of affiliate marketing. I've read it and was surprised at how he does it. This should spawn a new wave of affiliates. He gives a short video here too and also explains how you can make money referring others to his upcoming launch. Learn more about his secret.
The following post on finding your blogging voice was submitted by Lance from Honey and Lance.
We all know that content is king, and we’re also aware (sometimes painfully) that the vast majority of bloggers come from non-writing backgrounds. This means we come across a lot of bad writing. Grammar, structure, even spelling is the pits. [...]
As bloggers and internet marketers we can really appreciate the comments and feedback left by others when we write a new post or article. CollegeHumor recently created a series of videos which are based on “commentators” and their onslaught of comment postings, which really provide no value to anyone. Whether it’s the a “first!” or [...]
Because of recent demand, I decided to release my PHP video tutorials in iPod format - that means they play on your iPod.

… OK, you guys guessed that one.
These video were originally intended for viewing on a computer monitor, so some of the code examples will be harder to read since iPod screens [...]
Congrats to all the winners and thanks for making a positive difference in our industry! For complete Summit coverage see: Affiliate Summit West 2008 Mega Round-up - Pictures, Videos... It's a huge list that's gotten way too long! So I'll be breaking it off to start Summit Mega Round-up part 2 today.

(Source) If you haven’t tested using negative keywords for your campaigns, I highly recommend doing so in the near future. It is an excellent strategy for improving the performance of your campaigns and minimizing unqualified click-throughs to your landing pages.
Google slipped one through on me. They changed the way you perform negative keyword selections in [...]
Search has been fairly static for a few years now with no major alterations in how search engines rank their results. Google, Yahoo and MSN all use links and on page factors as the main indicators of relevance and Google especially does an excellent job at providing results.
To improve on the results the search engines [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Building the ultimate search engine", url: "" });
This week I’m looking at five ways that I’d promote a new blog to new readers if i was starting out again. Read the introduction to this series here.
Perhaps one of the most powerful ways of exposing your writing to a new group of people is to put some of your best content on other [...]
I think this could create some big changes in our industry and most definitely will have a very positive impact on DoubleClick Performics. CJ and Linkshare have an interesting year ahead of them.

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