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Every once in a while I will run across some information that I think you will find helpful and I will bring it to your attention. Below I have information from a great article on “supplemental results” you should read!
But first, let’s talk about the weather!

I hope you are having a great Summer!
I know it [...]
Most people who work in search engine optimisation are also avid internet users. We are the early adopters, the relentless bloggers and the people who conduct 90 per cent of our shopping online. We are – or am I about to be buried under a tirade of denial? – geeks.
So when we work to optimise [...]

Forget Dmoz, why not implement Google Checkout and appear on a Google own PR8 (toolbar…) page?
The Google Checkout Directory has a fair few links, but why not apply?

“To apply for the store directory, contact us. In your request, specify the login email address for your merchant account and your store’s display name and product category.“
Remember, [...]
The event will cover Social Marketing and Search Engine Marketing, and includes site reviews and round tables. I’m leaving today and will be back sometime on Monday, and I expect I’ll have some cool stuff to share with you when I return...
March is over and April was kicked off with a bang… which was everyone’s own version of an April Fools Day joke or at least a Rick Roll or two. Getting back to making money, March was a full month with 31 days, so there was no excuses this month [...]
I've made but also lost money on Google PPC as an affiliate - it's easy to set up AdWords but
Kim Levine , the inventor of Wuvits or those little bags that provide soothing penetrating moist heat, has written a compelling account of how she started her business and all the ups and downs she experienced.Her book "Mommy Millionaire: How I Turned My Kitchen Table Idea into a Million Dollars and How You Can Too!" is a very good read if you want to be learn what it is really like to turn a business into a success. I like the book because it is not self-serving and not one of those "I-am-great-hear-me-roar" ode to self. Instead, you'll read about her desperation when she made a fatal mistake
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that led to near-bankruptcy to her efforts to revive her business, even driving 5 hours to stores selling her products so she can do an in-store demonstration in the hopes of increasing sales.In one of the sections, she wrote about her 10 rules for doing business, and these are:Don't apologize for being a mom.When dealing with someone in business, always ask yourself, "What's in it for them?"Pay your attorney for advice only. Most of the paperwork you can do yourself (including setting up your corporation, registering your trademarks, and even writing your own patent).Find a mentor. Having someone who's "been there and done that" can really help you get through tough times and understand it's part of the territory.Remember that nobody ever got rich by spending money, and understand what overcapitalization is and how to avoid it.Have a story. Everybody loves a good story.Create a pitch and cold-call! Nothing has been more effective for me than cold calling major accounts.Realize that everything happens for a reason. Accept challenge, conquer it, and learn from it.Learn the "$20,000 Rule": what it really takes to fund even the smallest business start-up.Believe in yourself!

“The Zone” as referred to by developers is a place in space and time when they are most productive. For most people, getting to that place isn’t like flicking a light switch and given the required lead up to getting in The Zone; some onlookers might think they are wasting time.
Ever since Google close the deal on the Performics plan, we’ve heard SEO and SEO go on and on about how unethical it is for Google to be involved in SEO. Well, now they’ve gone and done it!
They’ve decided to sell the search marketing part of the business. On the Google blog you’ll read:

Recently we [...]
News that Google is to sell Performics comes as no suprise and is welcomed by pretty much everybody.
However the rumour that Google might be about to buy Expedia (owners of TripAdvisor) is slightly more worrying. The problem is that TripAdvisor and Expedia get a HUGE amount of traffic from Google and there is bound to [...]

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