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One of my forum members is offering a free resume to US residents, and I thought I’d spread the word about it. If you are job hunting or know someone that is this may come in real handy for you...
Yesterday John made a post asking “How Much Spam Do You Get Per Day?“. John also posted a picture of his Gmail account, which showed 1,022 spam emails within a twenty four hour period. It’s funny that John wrote the post, because I’ve been meaning to write something like this as [...]
The hottest thing going at Affiliate Summit West 2008 was the new widget being offered by This revolutionary widget combines the power of video ads with affiliate tracking codes. This widget is poised to take affiliate marketing by storm

What SEO’S Don’t Want You To Know About Sitemaps! Guest article by Shannon - visit his SEO Blog
Ever read or seen where SEOS suggest that a sitemap is a must for every website?

Ever wondered how they really help? The problem is that they don’t, having a sitemap is just another well spread SEO myth that [...]
Here’s an interesting piece of proposed legislation:
AFTER reading about how Internet companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo collect information about people online and use it for targeted advertising, one New York assemblyman said there ought to be a law.
So he drafted a bill, now gathering support in Albany, that would make it a crime — [...]
I've been shaking all morning ever since our expresso machine died this morning as it was steaming some milk. With a "pfft" and a "pop", the lights on our Saeco
Family money management is a constant challenge. Our skills and tools will help your family money management the best it can be. Learn common failures and how to avoid them.
A new study published by the web analysis firm JupiterResearch has claimed that despite a slow in the growth of online audiences, it is still possible for media savvy firms to capture and keep new customers.
It recommended that businesses evolve their online strategies to include content which is optimised for traffic, as well as widgets [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Consumer engagement through content (is king)", url: "" });
Every now and again I like to update new readers on where they can connect with me outside of this blog. We’re living in a time where there are increasing numbers of points/tools of ‘connection’ and I’m aware that each reader of this blog has their own preferred means of keeping in touch.

So here’s where [...]
When you look into affiliate programs, you will notice that there are all kinds of them. The ones that I am interested in right now are the single-tier programs, two-tier affiliate programs, and multi-tier affiliate programs. You may not understand what the difference is, but there is a difference. These types [...]
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