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I've been twitfollowing with interest as Wendy Piersall from took her very popular blog through a complete metamorphosis. She not only rebranded the blog with a new name and redesign, but completely repositioned the site from a Mom blog into a resource for a diverse group of people who use the internet and technology to create flexible work for themselves - both parents and non parents.

Here’s a piece of news that slipped through without me noticing while I was traveling last month - Chitika have announce a program to serve ‘graphic ads’ in your Chitika ad units when they feel that a CPM would earn you more than a CPC ad.

The announced it back in March here and here:

“This [...]
Landing pages will play a very crucial role in your success as a pay per click marketer, and how you lay out your landing page can make all of the difference. Here are a few quick tips on how you can improve your landing pages and possibly increase your conversions. Remember, if [...]
As I was planning another trip for my family the other day I got to wondering how many (new) Internet business owners out there are taking advantage of reward style credit cards , like the ones offered from Plastic Rewards . I am always thinking of ways...(read more)
Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics is written by Google insider Brian Clifton. He approaches the questions of the best marketing campaigns, measuring the success of them and more. In this book he reveals much of his own techniques and “insider” secrets. Google Analytics is one of the best online tracking [...]
After GoCompare suffered a Google penalty (which was recently lifted) one might expect the car insurance industry in the UK to pay attention and stop buying links.
This doesn’t yet seem to be the case with Kwik Fit apparently suffering a minus 50 penalty after aggressively trying to rank their domain. Another site called [...]

I just logged into my AdSense account to check my nightly stats and found a new reporting option in the ‘Advance Reports’ section (pictured below).

Now you can choose to view ‘Ad Units’ or ‘Link Units’ or ‘Both’.

Ad Units are all of your normal ad units (text ads, image ads, video ads) and ‘Link Units’ are [...]
First, its FREE. Second, its not written by an Internet Marketer - it’s written by a highly respected professional in the SEO industry. And third… I’m giving it the thumbs-up, so download it and plan to give it a read this weekend!
Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners and Intermediates
Internet Marketing is a terrific way to make a living. Selling advertising, products and services online can be a lucrative career and liberate us from having to punch in a time clock and toil way too many hours for someone else who sees the majority of the benefits of [...]
It was bound to happen. The huge success of BlogRush has resulted in the scammers crawling out from under their rocks. Here's the latest news they sent BlogRush owners today: We're about 5 days into the launch of BlogRush and its growth has been
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