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You can use PPC advertising to brand your URL. Instead of setting up half a million landing pages on separate website’s, why not set up related landing pages on the same URL and drive traffic to those landing pages through PPC advertising. Your PPC ads can be used to brand your URL.
There are two URLs [...]
Whether you are thinking of starting a new business, buying an existing business or a franchise, it is important to understand the customer base of the business. The most successful businesses are those who know and deeply understand their customers; afterall, the goal of every business is to get and keep customers.Here are some questions to ask to help you understand the customers of the business:Does the business cater to individual customers or businesses? Or is it the government?If individuals, do you know the demographics of the target market?If businesses, how big are these companies? Ar
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e they micro, small, medium or Fortune 500 type of businesses?How do the customers decide to buy this type of product/service? If the customers are the government or businesses, what is the purchasing process in the organization?Is the business heavily dependent on one or few customers? Are the customers in a growing market, or is the market shrinking?Are there possible changes or shift in the industry that could affect their purchase from the business?

Photoshop Tutorial
I found this tutorial on YouTube (what do you think of the quality and content?)
- we are considering adding more (of our own) video tutorials to the Designers Mind site - If we do, what topics would you like us to cover?
Let me know your thoughts…

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Lots of great landing page resources in the following categories: Articles, How-to Guides, Tips, Landing Page Related Blogs, Landing Page Tools, Conversion Consultants and Books.

Most webmasters are aware that doorway pages are against the guidelines of the major search engines but recently they appear to be making a comeback on the websites of some extremely well known brands.
The definition of a doorway page is provided in the Google Webmaster Guidelines:
Doorway pages are pages specifically made for search engines. Doorway [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Are doorway pages making a comeback?", url: "" });
I’ve released part 2 and 3 of my videos on building your first web page with Dreamweaver CS3.

Video: Building a web page with Dreamweaver CS3
You can get quick access to all the Dreamweaver CS3 videos on this page:
Dreamweaver CS3 videos
Stefan Mischook
It’s one of the easiest things related to web hosting, changing DNS. There are two ways to change DNS on domain names.
 1. When you purchased your domain name, some registrar’s will provide you with a domain username/password to manage your domain name. Simply log into the domain management area. Usually the name server settings will be [...]
New Video Widget allows you to share your new or existing video, overlay product ads/links - with your affiliate link embedded. Viral video embed feature means people can grab your video, show on their site and you get the commish!

I've highlighted the companies I've been blessed to share with you and have set great foundations in each of these companies so that I can better support YOU in your efforts to create residual income & the life of your dreams this year!My top choices in Residual Income can be found here in the links on the right, and also at !I use products from each of the companies listed & even the Natural Doctor Mom in me HIGHLY endorses each of the products/companies I've chosen to align with. I've been using some of these products now for over 3 years!First step,
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get some basic internet training HERE!Together in Success!Carrie Gebbie, MSResidual Income feed me!
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