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Monitoring what people are doing as they interact on your websites is on thing. Launching a chat application to talk to them as they browse is quite another.

TechCrunch today has details about Woopra, an analytics provider that lets you chat to your users in real time as they browse your ...

(Source) The following question arises: can advertisers be happy when publishers aren’t? And the fact that they have seen a significant decrease as far as earnings are concerned should make it clear that, at this point, publishers are anything but happy.
Naturally, publishers may just be more tempted than ever to explore other possibilities and under [...]
Is 3 hours downtime and a sleepless night acceptable when you pay $200 for a dedicated web hosting? I do not think so. Especially if the trust of the people who might use your service is on the line. I sure hope LiquidWeb gives Mark a good explanation. I will be following the story [...]
I found a decent page with info on setting up your Wordpress Blog so it is search engine friendly (seo friendly).
I don’t endorse ALL of the suggestions but it does have some info that may be helpful.
Have a look and make your blog SEO FRIENDLY to get more traffic!
There are several ways that you can contact another blogger, by sending an email or leaving a blog comment for example, but my advice is that you consider starting a Cross Blog Conversation instead...
If you're launching a new web venture, why on earth would you want to
A few weeks back I ran a poll here on ProBlogger asking readers why they blog.
Keep in mind that this blog is about making money from blogging so you’d naturally expect that the ‘money’ answer might be higher than in the wider blogosphere but here are the results.

There’s lots of good discussion in the poll [...]
When you think of public relations, the first thing that comes to mind is a press release. A press release is, and will always remain to be an important tool for reaching the media and getting the word out about your business.But there are other ways to tap the media, and here are some strategies you can use for your business:Bullet articles = readers and editors love articles with numbered tips -- e.g. 10 Ways to Save on Taxes; 6 Steps to Losing 10 Pounds; or 81 Tips to Market Your Business on the Web. Editors love this type of article because they can easily be used, especially if a space ne
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eds to be filled up quick. However, the articles should really be useful and not a veiled advertisement about your business.Market Studies = one type of press release that never fails to get a lot of usage from the media are results of quantitative or qualitative surveys. Editors as well as bloggers (myself included) love publishing survey results because of the unique perspective and information they provide. Think of your market and what would others find interesting. Then come up with a possible survey. You can enlist the help of market research professionals or use do-it-yourself tools such as radio = Radio shows are always searching for interesting guests. If you have an expertise that you can share, and you can speak well (no long pauses or aaahhhs punctuating every sentence), radio shows can be a great tool to reach a wide variety of audiences. For detailed tips on how to use talk radio, read the article "Using Talk Radio To Market Your Small and Home-Based Business"Article Reprints = If you or your business has been previously featured in a print publication, make sure you get reprints of that article. Not only can you use it to include in your press kits, but you can send those reprints to editors of other publications to see if they would be interested to feature your products or service, or about your success.

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