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8 & - Yesterday AvantLink announced the release of their video ad tool. Over the past few years, video
The Most Useful Design Tips of the Year
The Internet is changing with the development of Web 2.0, and the changing marketplace reflects a need for increased usability, easier functionality and design that is visually appealing but that still lends to an easy to maneuver, content-rich website. The following is a list of ten top website [...]
Floating around the universe, are certain universal principles that transcend disciplines. I would like to explore a few of them here, and talk about how they can be applied to web design.
The Three Master Principles
#1 Simplicity
This is such an important principle, that it can easily be made into the top three web design principles, [...]
Are you competing head-on with your ffiliates in the search space? Are you struggling to maximize revenue without cannibalizing your own search campaigns or threatening affiliate-generated sales? Learn how to scale up CPA affiliate marketing without compromising paid search

Ask any SEO consultant to explain Google bombs and they will be able to show you how linking to a certain website with keywords in the anchor text propels that site higher and higher in the search results.
Websites in all industries use this tactic to rank highly for their target keywords – in essence it’s [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "The Problem with Keyword Rich Anchor Text", url: "" });
Search Marketing Standard is one of my favorite magazines. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves in producing a print magazine that covers SEM-related topics. And they do it well. Now they’ve gone and outdone themselves.
Starting March 17th, Search Marketing Standard will begin offering reviews of SEM companies. They’ve started taking information from readers already. [...]
Day 6 of the Be A Better Blogger series: Start making friends on a social media service like Digg or StumbleUpon. These services are a great place to network, because you’ll...
Is it wise for an entrepreneur to start several new businesses at the same time?Someone asked if it is possible to start several ventures simultaneously -- in this person's case, two consulting businesses, an Internet project, and a construction company -- at the same time.I do run several businesses, but never started them at the same time. I suppose one can do it, but it depends on various factors, such as:Your work ethic Your level of productivityYour capacity to multi-taskYour resourcesYour knowledge in these businessesThere are people who can do it -- and succeed, but many fail. The quest
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ion is: can you do it?You need to ask yourself:Do you have money to hire someone and delegate some of the tasks that needs to be done to work on these projects?Do you have responsibilities outside of these four projects?Do you have a family who may want a portion of your time, as working on 4 different projects at once may mean you need 25 hour workdays?How focused are you?How well do you manage your time?How much are you willing to sacrifice to get these projects off the ground?It all depends on your willingness to commit and work hard at it. But working on all is EXTREMELY HARD. If you don't have laser like focus and operates on clockwork, or have a family who also wants your time and attention, then it will be hard to start these new businesses at the same time. In my opinion, it is better to stagger your various projects and focus on one. This way, you can make sure that the first project has started well and is now running smoothly BEFORE moving to another project.

You are finally making a decent amount of money online and are looking to make the change from your personal name to an established business. You have a couple choices here. Will you start an LLC, or an INC business? While this may seem like a very simple question, it [...]
Everyone knows video marketing is hot, but if affiliates want to use it they have to use a 3rd party tool to try to embed their affiliate ID to get credit for sales they send the merchant. To my knowledge none of the affiliate networks have come up with a seamless solution - that is [...]

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