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Super Affiliates gather in Anaheim!

It’s Friday morning, October 19th 2007 and I am preparing to attend day 2 of Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren’s “Affiliate Incubator” conference in Anahemim, CA.
I’m only 14 miles away here in Newport Beach, so I can drive out each of the 3 days and listen to the top affilaites explain [...]
Thinking about quitting your blog? Dee Stewart examines some way to give it a new lease of life.
Thinking about cutting the plug on your blog?
I almost did last year after I found myself busy with other projects, my Adsense and Chitika checks were waining and especially after I noticed that many of my blog friends [...]
Hiring your next Affiliate Manager is a big decision and at the end of it all you want to know you’ve made the right decision. I get asked this question often, so I asked my
If any of your blogging related passwords are single, Dictionary words or letters only, it would be quite easy for a determined hacker to break into one of your accounts...
Learn how to build a home Internet business. Directory of unlimited home based online business ideas. Well show you exactly how to build a home Internet business that thrives.
Ryan Allis, CEO of the marketing and online communications firm iContact Corp., in his book "Zero to One Million: How I Built a Company to 1 Million in Sales ... And How You Can Do" has a great section on what makes a product great.According to Allis, the perfect product has the following attributes:It fulfills a need or wantIt has either niche market appeal or mass market appealIt has at least a 2:1 markup ratio; 5:1 or higher is optimalIt has a high perceived valueIt must be replenished or repurchased by the consumer oftenIt is easily up sold and cross-soldIt has a related backend productSo
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how do you know if your product is great? To find out, you need to assess your product against two factors: inherent qualities of the product and the state of the marketplace.Inherent Qualities of a ProductIs the product of high quality?Is the product effective?How valuable are the benefits the product gives to the consumer?Does the product increase pleasure, increase utility, or reduce pain?Must the product be reordered?Can the product be developed easily?The State of the Marketplace Can it be obtained or produced for a low cost so as to support a high margin?What is the current demand for the product?How many other competitors are selling the same or a similar product?How many serious competitors are there?What are the sales figures of these competitors?What are the product's substitutes?Are there any factors that might increase or decrease sales of substitutes?How hard will it be to differentiate the product from competing products?

Microsoft contacted me about an affiliate manager position they have for a relatively new division at Microsoft. Since I'm not in the market but have many readers that are affiliate managers I told him I'd help him get the word out. Here's a snippet from the Job Details and below is more information about the division.

Over the past week I’ve shared five strategies that I’d use to promote my blog if I were starting from scratch again today.

We started off by looking at how the majority of your efforts need to be focused upon Readers You Don’t Already Have (obvious but important) and then looked at the five strategies of:

Guest [...]
For all of the thousands of individuals I have mentored when it comes to setting up a home business, the one question that gets asked the most is - "What is the fastest way for me to make money online?" I usually follow this up with, there is no true...(read more)
Google Analytics now has its new benchmarking feature live. You have to opt in to use the feature and I highly recommend it. This is one feature you don’t want to miss out on.
The usefulness is that you get to see where you stand against other sites within your niche for your important tracking metrics. [...]
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