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I noticed today that Yahoo! have launched Yahoo! Site Explorer UK & Ireland in beta. There seems to be no official announcement (or any other information on the web about this yet!) so I would guess it's been released in the last couple of days.

Here are the results for an ...

After the success of last week’s Re-Tweet project where I asked my Twitter followers to submit posts around a theme I thought I’d give it another go this week.
This week I asked followers to submit their best post title (and URL) from the last month on their blogs.
My hope in this (like last week) was [...]
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I’m getting everything ready and doing my last minute packing for San Francisco, CA, where I will be attending Elite Retreat this week. I will have plenty of posts over the next few days to cover the event, but first I would like to talk a bit about Twitter. I [...]
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Sarah Bird, Esquire just wrote one of the most in-depth articles I’ve seen on affiliate marketing legal issues. To be honest I didn’t have time to read it in detail. Launching 2 exciting new programs today and super busy. So I’ll just pass it on without my usual long winded overview.

Managing Risk: Legal [...]

When it comes to pay-per-click campaign management, there are really three things you need to keep in mind:

No. 1, keywords are important. Just like in web copy, you can have too many and you can have too few. But you won’t get canned for spamming if you use too many keywords. You’ll just have an [...]
Last week I put out the call for video posts on the topic of ‘Why I Blog’. This is a ‘group project’ of sorts and my hope was to see bloggers experiment with producing videos all around the same topic.
The result was 36 bloggers tackling the challenge and submitting their videos. The videos exceeded my [...]
Darren Rowse has a great article at Problogger about this, where he shares two good reasons for setting up your own blog contest or competition...
Selling to a customer is not the same as selling to a retailer or store owner. If you want your products sold in other stores, you need to remember that buyers/retailers/store owners are not primarily interested in your product; rather, they want the profit that your product can bring.Here are some things to consider when dealing with retailers:Know your demographics: who will your products appeal to and who would buy your products. If there is a match between your market and retailer, or if your product has a wide appeal, then you stand a greater chance of making the sale. What are the key fe
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atures of your product: how does your product work; what makes it stand out from the competitors; what need or want does your product address. Help the retailer understand how to sell your product.Check your price points: what are the prices of comparable products; if your price is higher than competitors, why and what additional value does your product offerShow the retailer how to sell your product: how do you plan to merchandise your product; how will its packaging stand out from the other products on the shelves; how much space does your product require on the shelf

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