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Page titles are one of the most important elements of site optimization. When a crawler examines your site, the first elements it looks at are the page titles. And when your site is ranked in search results, page titles are again one of the top elements considered. So when you ...

1) You need to be number 1 - Leave your ego at the login, you do not have to rank number 1 for the pay per click campaign to work or to get volume. Concentrate and optimise on conversion and ROI
2) You will pay 1p a click if there are no other advertisers - Minimum [...]
Take a day off blogging. You’ve earned it! Set aside some time to reflect on the thirty things you’ve done this month to improve your blog. You really should be proud of yourself…
For the month of April you can get a 5% bump for switching out your CJ links. eBay Partner Network is live. Watch the video about how to build the new eBay links so you are ready to rock on Tues.

This is a guest post from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, a blog about simplicity and productivity.
Darren has told us that his ProBlogger email inbox can often be overwhelming, and with a couple of extremely successful blogs, running a large ad network, and multiple other projects, it isn’t hard to imagine why.
If most people have [...]
First thing first, get you own domain name – one of those things.  They provide the best kind of insurance possible.Insurance?  Sure.  If your Web address is anything other than (i.e.,,, or something of the like), and something goes wrong with your provider, you are up a creek.  You are stuck [...]
Monitoring what people are doing as they interact on your websites is on thing. Launching a chat application to talk to them as they browse is quite another.

TechCrunch today has details about Woopra, an analytics provider that lets you chat to your users in real time as they browse your ...

(Source) The following question arises: can advertisers be happy when publishers aren’t? And the fact that they have seen a significant decrease as far as earnings are concerned should make it clear that, at this point, publishers are anything but happy.
Naturally, publishers may just be more tempted than ever to explore other possibilities and under [...]
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