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A guest-poster can inject a bit of freshness into your blog and, most importantly, allow you to focus on tasks other than content creation for a day…
Nothing is forever; even your business. There may come a time when you want out, and one way is to sell the business.Selling a business is not easy, and you need a lot of preparation and even assistance. When thinking of selling a business, here are some questions to ask yourself:Why are you selling your business? Is selling the best option for you?Is it the right time to sell, considering the state of the economy and the industry?What type of business are you selling? What are the unique characteristics of this business that may come into play when selling?Who can help you with the process of
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selling your business? Do you have a lawyer, financial advisor, etc?Should you use a business broker?What type of advice do you need to establish your selling strategy?Where and how can you find the best qualified buyers?How do you put a value on your business?Can your financial statements withstand the scrutiny of buyers?What will the terms of sale specify?Are you willing to finance any part of the deal?How are you going to handle the sales proceeds?Do you want to be involved with the business after the sale, perhaps in a consultant or full-time manager capacity?

Have you ever considered advertising your blog? Today I want to explore this idea as part of my series of posts on how I’d promote my blog if I was starting from scratch.
Most blog promotion tips that I see given are about growing your blog’s readership quite organically (something I firmly believe in) - however [...]
Happy Easter everyone… I hope you like the cliché on the title. It may sound corny, but it is true. I’ve been making money online for such a long time now, and it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t continually change markets and spread my knowledge across many different [...]
The eBay Partner Network officially launches on April 1st, 2008 and will run in parallel with the Commission Junction program for one month to give affiliates a chance to change out all their links. So you need complete your migration by May 1st, when the CJ program closes.

Social Bookmarking Wish List - I need your tips, comments and suggestions! 
Hi everyone! I need your help!
I am in the process of developing a collaborative software application to help AU members and Article Marketing Newsletter subscribers to easily help each other out with bookmarks and links at the best web 2.0 sites. It will include [...]
One of the top internet marketer's has given a nod to the growing concept of cookie-free affiliate programs, with the soon-to-launch of his new high-ticket product and $800 commissions for his
Bonus: Home based business advice, tips and secrets for building a home Internet business. $359.40 Value! Help with your Internet home business.
The following guest post was submitted by Easton Ellsworth from Visionary Blogging.
What is the greatest blogging skill?
It’s not the ability to produce excellent blog content.
It’s not the ability to build a strong blog community.
It’s not the ability to monetize every page view, click and pixel.
It’s not even the ability to improve your content or your [...]
ValueClick is having a REALLY bad day. 1st the news surfaces that CJ is losing eBay. Now this. The biggest spam settlement in history.

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