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Professional and automatic websites, created within minutes!!! WordPress Autoblog Learn today from Guy Draper about websites that update themselves! Take the stress out of creating and maintaining websites… What does the book contain? This book is a comprehensive guide which will enable even new webmasters to create a WordPress Automatically updating blog within minutes. The book contains all the information, as well as step by step guides and visuals to aid the installation of the b
You know how people in this industry throw the word friend around? As in, My good friend Bob has an incredible product, and since we're such good friends, I twisted his arm and got you a 99% discount... It's B.S. - you know it, I know it, they know it, but people still keep using that technique. More on that in a minute... but first a little tangent.Did you know that a lot of internet marketers sell products they don't even write themselves? What they do is hire a ghostwriter, give them the specs of the project and in a month or so, the writer gives the marketer a manuscript.
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Going rate is about $10/page, so a 100 page ebook would average about $1000 for the marketer to have written.Now, this practice can be a great win-win for both the marketer and writer - the marketer gets a professionally written product, the writer gets her fees without the both or hassle of having to market.But every now and again, there's a writer who learns A LOT about marketing from all this writing she does for the big guns - after all, she gets the inside scoop in the latest techniques, tricks and trends before anyone else. And after she sees the kind of money these top guys are making, she might just decide to go into the internet marketing business for herself.I could be writing about me (I originally learned about the internet marketing industry as a writer for other folks) - but I'm not.I'm talking about my friend, - but ok, we're not really friends. We've emailed each other a few times, and we travel in the same Web 2.0 set of internet marketers. I have the utmost respect for her (so does John Reese - he wrote about her book in the November Reese Report) - but it's not like we've hung out or anything. :-)The gal I'm talking about is an incredible writer and a sharp, determined marketer who's broken out in the last few months as an expert in using one particular web service to catapult search engine rankings, drive traffic and create backlinks to your own websites.Click Here! ( is a technique that doesn't cost a dime, takes about an hour to set up and is applicable to any market, service or... well, whatever. Got an offline business (say, real estate) you want to bring some attention to? Use this technique to mark yourself as an expert in your field. Are you a musician? This technique can help you bring more attention to your music.And if you're an online marketer, you know the power of links, of constantly updating content, and drawing people into each of your niche sites, generating leads - all on auto-pilot once you've set up your pages.Oh yeah, did I mention there's a built-in way to earn money with the system? It's not B.S. either- a true profit-sharing system based on contextual advertising and affiliate sales is part of this site my friend talks about.After having a look at her complete tutorial on using this system, you might call her your friend for real!Check out what Tiffany is teaching, what Reese is raving about and what other marketers have called MySpace for grown-ups here: Click Here! (,Chad CookClick Here! (
The lone Republican to vote for the Pelosi health care bill in the House is going under the national microscope.
Having a job in order to make money is already challenging. How much more if you are juggling two jobs at the same time? This can be quite difficult to pull off if both occupations demand a high level of alertness and physical labor. It means that you must be physically healthy, psychologically at ease and emotionally stable in order to keep up with the demands of the bosses. If not, you might end up with a poor performance that could be detrimental to your well-being. Therefore, it is best to b
Gregory Paul Johnson - Personal Update 200905 | 30 May 2009 | Saturday Summary . This is the monthly personal update for Gregory Johnson. Life categories are now listed alphabetically rather than in order of increasing interdependence described on the map page . Changes since last month are found under Effective Living and Health. Activism . The website continues to be my primary means of activism. Major updates to the site were described last month , so I won’
Adsense is considered as one of the most powerful money earning source for a website publisher. Google Adsense enables you to monetize your sites easily. If used properly, it can generate a very healthy online income for the sites.
By now, you should have some idea of what a ‘blog’ is. To keep it simple, a blog is sort of an online journal – which may include text entries called posts, videos, audio, photos and other web links. A blog is mostly about a person’s daily experiences, however, there are blogs which cater to a wide array of the ‘blogging’ public – ranging from topics like food, different crafts, health, family, politics, spirituality, books or movies – almost anything under the sun. Because of the immense
"Learn The Jaw-Dropping Truth About Making Big Profits From Your WordPress Blog and Finally Unlock The Secrets To AdSense Success" Paralysed By Financial Worries He certainly didn’t want to take the risk of going back to college to retrain. He had a family to fend for, food, bills, schooling, health care. Imagine, living from day to day not knowing if tomorrow you could afford to pay the bills. Now don’t get me wrong, Simon is a bright guy and he knows how to work hard. He just didn’t
If you're planning to get fit and healthy through the Zumba program, make sure you understand the principles and concepts. There are a lot of tips available, but you may use only those provided by the certified experts. You will discover that you get to lose more weight and have a more exciting time by staying prepared. Here are some guidelines.
by Bobbie McKee Mineral makeup is getting much attention nowadays specially from women who have decided to follow a healthy lifestyle. Mineral makeup claims that they are free from chemical and preservatives that could give harmful effects on the skin in the long run. Since there is an increasing demand due to change of lifestyle, setting up a business taking advantage the mineral makeup trend would be ideal. So, how to start? Of course, in order to promote the product well, you nee
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