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A lot of people are now building their own blogs but did you know that you can also earn as much money by writing for other people’s blogs. There are actually several ways for you to do this and you can choose the one that you are interested with. There are now so many people…
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Well is it possible to earn money online in fun ways? It is not fun earning money online usually. Hard work is the prerequisite in most of the cases to earn money online like paid surveys, affiliate marketing to blogging, freelancing etc. But there are some really fun ways by which you can earn money…
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JenSense suffered a database failure, and one of the side effects was the database ate dozens of posts. While I was restoring some of the corrupted posts (thank you Google Webmaster Tools for showing the 404s and for all the content of those blog posts) I was reminded of the case of Theresa B. [...]
As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged here since August. Well, that was for a very good reason. This year I founded a new search marketing agency called Screaming Frog and have been working on a new onsite SEO tool, which has prompted this post. It has been a little while in development, but [...]
If you have long wanted new customization options when you are using AdSense for Search, you just got your wish. Their new Custom Search Ads allows you to customize it to better suit the look and feel of your site. If you are wanting to see them in action before you try it live on [...]
Google has been playing with Adwords ad background colours again. We are now seeing a pale yellow colour in the UK SERPs, as per the screenshot below - I first noticed this about a week ago while running some queries in the US and the tests still don’t seem to be completely widespread just yet. [...]
There are many ways to use one’s spare time at home. But many people now a days want to use their spare time to earn some money through online  and you may be one of them. Moreover there are some great ways to use internet for one’s full time vocation. Well you may be not…
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If you want to work in an office-like environment yet want to stay home at the same time, then being a virtual assistant is the perfect job for you. Being a virtual assistant is just the same as an office assistant, only that you are working from home and you interact with your boss through…
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Google AdSense posted today that they are helping the Japan via AdSense for publishers wanting to donate earnings to the relief effort.  Longtime JenSense readers will remember this post detailing how to change your alternative AdSense ad (what shows when there are no relevant ads to display).  But since PSAs have been phased out, it [...]
Seeing some strange Adwords tests this morning, with spaces between words in Adwords display urls when they contain a keyword in (or matched) to the query. Screenshot below for ‘theatre breaks’ as an example - Notice the spaces in the display urls where the keyphrases within the search query are matched against the keywords within [...]
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