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A great domain name is the difference between being well branded right from the start, or having to invest the time, effort and marketing into something that may potentially become a household name in years to come. While this might be right in most cases, there are some exceptions here and there, such as, […]

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Web hosting is one of the most competitive markets online. Since every web site and blog has their own hosting, there is plenty of customers to go around. The type of hosting that you choose for your site will not only determine how much you pay, but it will also reflect on how fast and […]

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With hundreds of millions of sites and blogs in the world today, the odds are against you that your site will succeed. When looking at some of the most successful bloggers in the world, one of the biggest reasons why other sites fail, is because their site owners didn’t put in the time and research […]

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Blogging has completely changed everything on the internet. Through the use of WordPress it’s never been easier to start a web site and create content online. Not only have blogging been powerful for brands and businesses of all sizes, but also as a foundation and platform for individuals to have a voice of their own […]

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It’s easy to look at all of the successful entrepreneurs in the world today and say that they have it easy. This is the mindset of nearly all NON-entrepreneurs — that all entrepreneurs are rich, set for life and travel the world for fun… however it’s usually the complete opposite. Personally, I can tell you […]

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As entrepreneurs, we want to focus on what we do best — which is marketing, making money and changing the world! The last thing we want to deal with is trying to figure out what type of business we should register form (LLC, Inc, etc.) and also dealing with high prices from legal counsel, attorneys […]

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It's Not What You Know, It's WHO You Know

There are people who spend a lifetime in pursuit of knowledge. There's nothing wrong with this if you goal is to acquire more and more knowledge.

However, those in business who are only pursuing knowledge are missing out on a key to success...


When I look back at all of my successes, I can see a theme emerge. In almost every case, it was my relationships

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with others that pulled together pieces of a puzzle which led to a successful venture.

That's why I believe this to be true...


  With the internet creating new millionaires and even billionaires every single day, everyone with an idea thinks they are now an “entrepreneur”. However, there...

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My Last Good Year

I'm not sure how it crept up on me so quickly, but I turned forty-nine years old yesterday.

It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from college.

I've watched my kids grow to become young adults before my eyes. I've been in the internet business eighteen years. Time truly does fly.

As I look back on the day, I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful family, friends and associates in

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my life. Emails, skype chats, Facebook posts, LinkedIn messages, phone calls, unexpected gifts and even a recorded video of a friend singing Happy Birthday to me.

With my 50th birthday coming up next Cinqo de Mayo, it's been said that I am entering my "last good year."

Is forty-nine destined to be my last good year? It may be.


Affiliate marketing is awesome! There is no other industry or business where you can simply get on a computer and start making money overnight. There...

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