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I was reading an article on the debate in Florida, whether to allow kids to learn code instead of a foreign language. I can offer some perspective here, since I am a coder who speaks English and French.

What has been more valuable in my life: knowing French, or knowing how to code?

Coding has easily been the most valuable skill for me.

But if my second language was English (rather than French,) maybe the tables would be turned. I say this because though French is a great language, and I think the more spoken languages you know the better, French has limit
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ed use on the world’s stage. English though, is the language of business … it is a must learn.

Coding is much more like English, it too is an international language of sorts. Knowing how to code has many positive impacts on your life, even if you don’t become a coder!

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Stefan Mischook
Web designing company in Dubai is one of the fastest growing businesses of the modern era as you are likely to see many gigantic organizations and top brands switching to the internet for the promotion of their products and services. If you are already having a company in Dubai and are looking for improvement of its rankings, be very careful in completing your projects on time with a mission to be unique. Ask your clients about what they need and provide them a reality of their dream.

Altogether I have 7-8 reviews on, and ... but they are all 5 star! It's a start!

I haven't asked yet, but if you bought the book, I would really appreciate it if you could head over to Amazon, and give it a review.


Stefan Mischook

E-commerce sites give you, the business owner, a plenty of opportunities to reach out to your customers.

About 2 months ago, my new beginners web design book hit the stores in North America and the UK. It's been selling really well ... beyond my expectations.

If you are interested in learning web design (HTML5, CSS3, Mobile design and more ...) from scratch, with an easy going conversational style, buy my book!


Right now, you can buy it for
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$16.26 on Amazon. It's some of the best writing I've ever done.

You can download the project files for the book on the book's website.

If you have any questions, you know how to reach here, or through the books website.


The post looks at the elements that make a website successful. It has also recommended Way2Web for professional web design and SEO in Antwerpen.


My new Web Foundations course has been released and the first lesson is available for free - now. Get it while you can:


Content management system (CMS) development refers to developing a website on CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Magneto, and Drupal etc.

Part 2 of my new Web Foundations course is out - What is Web Hosting? Yes a basic topic, but I go into some detail that you might find interesting:

- hosting choices
- hosting cost
- Should you set up your own web hosting?

I hope you like it!

Stefan Mischook
When you visit a website, almost often you will be greeted with an HTML page. There will be times when you are so attracted to the website and its contents that you want to share it with your friends or family which is why you need to convert HTML to PDF.
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