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I’ve just read a very interesting report on one site owner’s experience with having their headshot next to Google listings.This site owner reports after his photo appeared next to listings, while his positions didn’t change the number of clicks plummeted by 50%-90%. After reading through his situation and thinking about my own Google usage, I […]
Consumers have given high marks to online merchants in relation to customer satisfaction.Both the Boston Consulting Group and earlier this year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index have noted the Internet retail sector is the clear leader in this regard. I still remember the days when buying online was such a touch and go affair – […]
We have moved this affiliate software comparison site from WebGui to WordPress. Why webGui in the first place? It was one of the only Content Management systems 7 years ago that had a built in comparison engine, where you could add products and allow visitors to compare them.

Since then, WordPress has evolved and we can now offer a more modern framework and still have the comparison engine that our visitors love.

We used to charge to allow visitors to compare the products, but for now we have made it free on the new site and may just keep it that way. But don’t waste
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time reading announcements like this – start comparing and selecting your affiliate tracking system now :)
What is it about the concept of shared IP’s that government agencies do not understand?The US feds have been guilty of this in the past and it seems the Australian government haven’t learned from their mistake. Recently, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) fessed up to inadvertently blocking access to more than 1,000 legitimate […]

Notepad is a text editor that comes free with every copy of Microsoft Windows. There is no need to get anything else when you want to write HTML. You can create complex and beautiful pages using Notepad.

Learn how easy it is to Write HTML in Notepad

More Notepad
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I was surprised by the reaction after some details of the US Government’s PRISM program was revealed.In case you haven’t heard as yet; PRISM is a clandestine (well, not so much now) program run by the US Government that eavesdrops on the communications and data of non-US citizens; including Australians. There’s been quite an uproar […]
Analogous ColorsOnce you understand the color wheel, you can use it to find color combinations that look good together. But remember, that the color wheel is only a tool. If you find a color combination that you like that isn't recommended by the color wheel, that doesn't mean you should throw it out. My first rule of color combinations is to use colors that I like.

Learn More about Co
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lor Harmony
If you're running an affiliate program and you have a few bad apples what do you do? First of all you need to catch them.
A recent survey has found poorly executed personalised emails are common – and annoying.Over 70 percent of people participating in a survey sponsored by Lyris and run by The Economist said ‘many’ of the personalised messages they receive are annoying as the attempts at personalisation are superficial. One of my favourite examples of superficial (and […]
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