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Time for a little reader discussion – this one inspired by a Tweet by @JessVanDen who asked:
“do you have a regular posting structure, or just post things as you think of them/find them. i.e. regular features or not?”
I’d like to widen the topic slightly and see if readers do any kind of planning of blog [...]Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.

Do You Plan Your Blo
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g Posts?
by Mike Moran

Social media is free, but what's the catch? Time. We only have so much time to spend putting our message out there, but we don't want to limit how many people can hear what we have to say. This problem comes up in many ways, but the simplest is the dichotomy between Facebook and Twitter. Many folks decide to spend the bulk of their social time on one or the other, with relatively few people using both. If Google Buzz catches fire
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, this fragmentation might only increase. What's a marketer to do?

Image by luc legay via Flickr

Let's face it. There's no real difference between "friends" and "followers," nor between ""status updates" and "tweets." And why would you decide to spend all your precious social media time updating one venue and not the other, if your customers use both of them? But how can you double the amount of time you spend in social media updating both?

You don't have to. I decided that I prefer Twitter to Facebook so I have every tweet I send out mirrored as my Facebook status. And I do the same thing on LinkedIn. I haven't taken the plunge on Google Buzz yet, but I'll probably do the same thing there, also.

If someone wants to see what I am up to, they can use their favorite method to keep up and I only have to update once. I know people using FriendFeed to accomplish the same thing. In each of your social media lives, you can set up these mirrors to make sure that your customers can keep up no matter what network they are in, while you only need to update once.

Now, I find even though I update in only one place, that I still have trouble making time for more than a few tweets a day, but there isn't anything I can do to help with that.

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What will the crowd think of the new Facebook Like buttons on your site? Michael Johston from The Well Run Site explores whether they’re right for yours.
The stampeding sound you may have recently heard was not caused by a bank panic or rumors of an impending astroid strike.
It was just the new Like button from [...]

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Are Facebook Like Buttons Wrong or Right For Your Site?

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Today was a crazy day. We’re launching a new eBook with another site on dPS tonight so there was lots of planning, writing of copy for emails, sales pages and blog posts, setting up of shopping carts and much much more.
I thought that the day would be a write off when it came to my [...]

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How I Conquered Being Undisciplined and Started Getting Things Done

If you’re struggling to find your place in this internet marketing game and feel torn between the hype and obnoxious tactics of some of the traditional internet marketers and the ideals, principles and yet lack of profitability of many of the social media purists… you just might want to check out The Third Tribe.
Third Tribe [...]

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Join the Third Tribe Before the Price Changes


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