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I noticed a couple of days ago that the AdSense ads on some various sites had been slightly altered to give a bit more spacing around the ad units and to help the text “pop” more. However, the change seems to have gone largely unnoticed by publishers and hasn’t been officially confirmed by AdSense.  Unfortunately, [...]
I spotted a test last month where Google were adding spaces between keywords in Adwords display urls and today I have just noticed a new test, but this time for the organic results. I am not sure if this is entirely new (certainly not something I can remember seeing before), but Google seem to be [...]
Do you have a product in mind that you find interested that is not being marketed online yet? If you know a product that is not being sold online, why not start marketing it online? You can do this in several ways depending on what type of marketing strategy you want to use. The best…
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IFrames are so 1990s but alas there are probably some webmasters out there that are still displaying their AdSense ad units via iframes. And AdSense has quietly updated their AdSense policies a few days ago to include that AdSense ad units can no longer be served within iframes. AdSense code may not be altered, nor [...]

Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri will be speaking at TiECon East this evening on the entrepreneurial process and his inspirations for co-founding Chitika.

For the first time, the conference will feature TiE Stars, our very own charter members (Amar Sawhney, Ash Ashutosh, Asa Kalavade, Venkat Kolluri and Venkat Krishnamurthy ) who will speak about what inspired them to create gre

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at companies and value for the community.”


TiECON East brings together great people, be it innovators, investors, or mentors. Networking sessions such as PowerLunch on Friday are what the TiE magic is about. It is indeed a rare opportunity to meet my entrepreneur friends, Jit Saxena and Kedar Gupta amongst others in the charter member circle to discuss and share ideas on your venture.

My local newspaper, the Victoria Times Colonist (and a second newspaper owned by parent company Postmedia News, the Montreal Gazette) decided to go with a paid subscription model a week ago – once you have read ten articles per month, you can only view the homepage for free.  And while there are some paid subscription [...]
A really quick post today, I just spotted Google testing a new look to their search engine results (which impact all organic and paid results). Once again this is on and it disappeared almost immediately after running a few queries. The screenshot below will explain better than words - Although the basic layout is [...]

Today is a big day for the Chitika family: we’re making a huge change to our branding by completely changing the name of our company. No longer will we have awkward conversations with potential partners like “I really like what Chittyville does,” or “hey, could I buy a banana from you guys?”

“Everyone thinks our name has something to do with bananas,” says our co-founder and CEO Venkat Kolluri. “Well, it doesn’t. The word ‘Chitika’ means ‘in a snap’ in Telugu.”

In order to ease the

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confusion, from now on Chitika will be known as ‘Aritipandu’, another Telugu word, but one that should create less confusion over our brand.

“Now, people won’t be confused over whether or not we sell bananas,” says Kolluri. “Aritipandu pretty much says it all.”

For those of you who don’t speak Telugu, ‘Aritipandu’ translates to banana. Given how successful our Banana Party was at AdTech Chicago in 2007, we feel we’re on to something here.

If you haven’t chosen to select your font style within your account because you were happy with the default, you might want to rethink that.  AdSense is changing the default font used in the different ad units, based on which ad font performs best in each ad unit.  The new defaults will be:
Arial: 728×90, 336×280, 120×600, [...]
Ever since Google launched the Search Query Report in AdWords, advertisers have been using the data to refine and evaluate their current keyword lists, identifying any potential new keywords that they could add into their accounts. As those of us who use these reports know all too well, when looking at these reports you do [...]
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