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Affiliate marketing is awesome! There is no other industry or business where you can simply get on a computer and start making money overnight. There...

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I Turned Ten Years Old Today

By now you may be wondering if I have completely lost my mind.

I did. But I found it.

The question is... have I lost it again?

You might be saying, "Joel, clearly you aren't ten years old." (Though my maturity level may occasionally bring this assertion into question.)

You also might be saying, "Joel, you just wrote the other day that you turned forty-nine... that

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's a long way from ten!"

And then you might say, "What's the deal, bub?"

Those are all good questions. And I've got a really good answer...


Being an entrepreneur, you probably get to experience a lot more than your average person. Many of which include… creating and building your own business,...

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There's No One Like You

To my knowledge, I am the only Joel Comm in the entire world. Go ahead, Google me. You'll be hard-pressed to find another.

But a name is just a name. Even if you share your name with another person, or thousands of others (sorry Bob Smith), there is still just one YOU!

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r />

Surely you know that you have never been here before and there will never be another you.

So what does that mean in the big scheme of things?


As online marketers, we can truly appreciate the value of great ad copy and landing pages that convert. With more people entering the world of...

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Shortly after I graduated from college, I learned about direct sales. Whether visiting elderly or infirm hoping to provide them with an at-home emergency response system or calling on families and individuals interested in owning their own set of Encyclopedia Britannica, I honed my people and sales skills the only way I knew how.

Along the way, I learned a key in making more sales.

No matter

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how strong your presentation or how persuasive your skills, you still have to ASK for the sale. If you don't ask, you don't get.

As it would turn out, the concept of "asking" is something that I have applied to many areas of my life. In fact, as I parented my two children, again and again I drove this one point home...

"It never hurts to ask."


In the world of business, your brand name is everything. Just look at famous name brands and logos like McDonalds, Starbucks, Home Depot and others…...

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What Are You Doing?

In 2006, Twitter prompted its users to tweet by answering a simple question.

"What are you doing?"

My initial impression thought was "It's none of your business!"

My second thought was "I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing."

Intimidated by the blatant invasive nature of the question, I realized "I have no idea what I'm doing."

My earliest tweets reflected

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this utter cluelessness.

But things have changed since that time.


There are currently over 100 million blogs in the world today, but only a small fraction of them are actually making money. It’s amazingly simple...

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My History on Twitter

With an invitation to tell the world what you are doing with only 140 characters at your disposal, Twitter quietly launched on the web in March 2006.

Since that time, more than 500 million accounts have been created and over 200 million are active each and every day.

Yet, it's not infrequent that I hear people tell me that they don't use Twitter or that they don't "get it."

That's okay. It'

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s not for everyone. And I can empathize with those who don't understand what it's all about.

Today marks my SIXTH YEAR of being on Twitter!

However, I can't say that I really got the hang of what Twitter was all about right away.

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