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In the growing percentage of internet users, the web site of a company or an individual will act like our identity in online for the global audience, so one must be care ful while choosing the WEB DESIGN COMPANY and its important to choose the right WEB DESIGN COMPANIES for creating our online identity through our websites.

I was recently asked this question from a student:

What do you think of Google's new rating system to favor search results towards sites which are mobile-friendlier than other sites? Will there be a course to address this type of mobile-centric design in the future?

Yes, we have courses, both on and on the Mobile friendly sites are called 'responsive' ... because their pages respond and resize based on the device being used to view them.
learn web design by doing


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About the courses: has all the courses you need to become a web developer. Quickly learn the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. And then build real-world apps like a sho
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pping cart store that works with Paypal, build a full blown CMS from scratch and more.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Stefan Mischook
Simply building up a website scattering a few key points throughout the home page and other service page does not end your job. Website is all about generating a great user experience and establishing your brands.
I decided recently to dig into the Killersites website (on the directory level,) to see what I could clean up. It is one of the oldest web teaching sites in the world, it’s been online for over 19yrs now, and so it has had many changes over that time. After 19yrs, you find yourself with […]
Smart Mobile Website Design influences in Marketing as increasin trend of Mobile all over the world.

It's good to try before you buy, so all our courses now have free videos you can watch. Of course, we do have a 7 day trial for any subscription ... but nonetheless, you can now view dozens of free videos right away.

By the way, if you are totally new to web design, check out my Web Foundations course. And it's completely free now!

Thanks for reading!

Stefan Mischook
In these day Web Designing is a main part of Online business. Lots of company providing these services but some are reliable and some are not, So it's very difficult to find best Web Designing Company in Australia.


I can't believe that has been teaching the web for 19 years! Back then, I had no white hair ... if you can believe it!

A little Killersites history ...

Killersites was originally created to support a best selling book on web design, Creating Killer Websites, by David D. Siegel. At the time,
Read More only contained articles and support material for the book.

In 2002-2003, I took over and started to expand what killersites' offered - with new articles, podcasts and video training on web design and even development.
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