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We are all prone to wanting more in almost everything life offers. This is also common to buying website hosting - we want more. More hosting space, more processing power, more RAM and more bandwidth as well. This article tries to reason why you should rethink your purchase of a Dedicated Server for your website or web application.
Web Hosting Provider: Host4ASP.NET About Host4ASP.NET If you are looking for ASP.NET web hosting provider, you might want to take a closer look at Host4ASP.NET. Focused 100% on .NET hosting environment, this provider boasts on providing reliable, high performance Windows web hosting solutions that are also very reasonably priced! Host4ASP.Net offers 24/7 support via ticket [...]

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The best kinds of website hosting service offer flexible solutions for different types of organizational structures. These service providers are capable of low-cost yet flexible hosting programs to business of all sizes and types. Veteran web hosting companies also offers affordable services to individual people who require space for data as well as Web connectivity for personal use of Web applications.
If you are looking to save some money on web hosting this coming Black Friday, HostGator has something in store for you! You can save 55% on all web hosting plans and 75% during their “Fireslae” hours. These “Firesale” will take place several times starting at 12am CST (1am EST) on Friday, November 28. All [...]

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What is a Phishing Campaign? 'Phishing' is one of the buzzing terms these days. Phishing is considered an attempt to gather confidential information provided online such as passwords, credit and debit card details, account passwords and more.
If you are looking for a great web hosting plan at a ridiculously discounted price, you might want to check out FatCow. Their current offer (which will end in two days) comes at $3.15 a month. The plan includes a free domain name as well as some other perks, such as $50 advertising on Google [...]

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We hear many times about good clients who are still stuck to bad hosting services. We try to rationalize and investigate as to what is it that could be making their hosting provider so magnetic. In our quest for reason and understanding, we realized that not every client makes wise decisions.
One of the great features available to WordPress users is ability to create static pages. Watch the video bellow and learn how easy it is to publish static pages with WordPress. If you missed any of the previous Bluehost‘s videos on how to use WordPress, you can find by clicking here. Does your web hosting [...]

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In this competitive world, businesses of all shape and sizes are competing for better SEO rankings and accelerated website performance to gain agility and explore new market opportunities. A host of web hosting alternatives are available today, helping businesses to have strong and influential online presence with least hassles and with no big investments.
In the last four videos that we published on our blog from Bluehost’s YouTube Channel, you should have gotten a pretty good idea of what WordPress is and the very basics on how to use it. If you have missed the previous posts, here is the quick recap: How To Use WordPress (Introduction) How To [...]

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