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Notepad is a text editor that comes free with every copy of Microsoft Windows. There is no need to get anything else when you want to write HTML. You can create complex and beautiful pages using Notepad.

Learn how easy it is to Write HTML in Notepad

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I was surprised by the reaction after some details of the US Government’s PRISM program was revealed.In case you haven’t heard as yet; PRISM is a clandestine (well, not so much now) program run by the US Government that eavesdrops on the communications and data of non-US citizens; including Australians. There’s been quite an uproar […]
Analogous ColorsOnce you understand the color wheel, you can use it to find color combinations that look good together. But remember, that the color wheel is only a tool. If you find a color combination that you like that isn't recommended by the color wheel, that doesn't mean you should throw it out. My first rule of color combinations is to use colors that I like.

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lor Harmony
If you're running an affiliate program and you have a few bad apples what do you do? First of all you need to catch them.
A recent survey has found poorly executed personalised emails are common – and annoying.Over 70 percent of people participating in a survey sponsored by Lyris and run by The Economist said ‘many’ of the personalised messages they receive are annoying as the attempts at personalisation are superficial. One of my favourite examples of superficial (and […]
Okay, I don't really hate frames, as much as people might think that I do. But I really hate designers who don't take two minutes to make their frames accessible. And no, putting a document up that says "This page is framed, please upgrade your browser." does not count. If you put up a noframes document, why not make it useful for those people who view it? Do you really think I'm going to upgrade just because your puny website tells me to?

Make Your Frames Accessib
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Forum debates can often degrade into slinging matches – and worse.I’m a member of a forum that can get a little rough and tumble at times. Aside from that, it’s a very useful resource – I just stay clear of getting involved in what can become heated arguments. The early warning signals are usually easy […]
A place to share experiences and get feedback. Cook, decorate, fix, plan, garden, budget or update your wardrobe…that's just the beginning of the kind of advice and inspiration you can find at 2LearnHow. So join the thousands of people who visit us every month. You'll be delighted to find the...
Viruses on computers are getting more and more dangerous. There are viruses that scour web pages, web browser caches, and other locations for email addresses. There is malware that will use your computer as a spam robot. There is also malware that will skim phishing information off of websites and web forms. The best protection from getting infected is to use an antivirus software program, but there are also things you can do to your websites to help make your pages less virus and spammer friendly.
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/">Learn More About How to Prevent Viruses from Infecting Your Web Pages and Your Customers
A Black Friday (#blackfriday) deal for Affiliate Software? For sure - here it is: Quality Unit is running a deat for 28% of it's Award Winning Post Affiliate Pro affiliate tracking and management platform.
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