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Check out my blog post at the Blogging Underground Blog that reveals the secret tactic backlinking your backlinks! It’s a solid technique that Blogging Underground members use to get top rankings! Are you doing it? If not – maybe the reason is it is too hard to post articles and get links. That’s a shame. […]
By using the mobile apps I can manage various aspects of Facebook without ever getting ON Facebook, or wasting valuable work hours logging on online. This allows me to task-batch Facebook too, and here's how I do that...
Need to use images in your blog posts but don’t want to steal or pay for them? Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground and I just found a great article that has links to some photo services that allow you to download and use images on your site for free! I posted the link […]
How to analyze your bad work habits, break them, and finally get (and stay) FOCUSED on your highest priorities...
Can you make a 1 day resolution? I would like to wish you a happy new year and wish you the best for the coming year! I’m really excited about all the great things I’ve got goin’ on, and hope you are too! 2015 is going to be a great year! While I’m here I […]
You really can't go wrong with two current strategy guides on Podcasting & YouTube marketing for only $12.98 total. YouTube and iTunes are both GREAT ways to increase your reach, and expand yourself to get in front of even more people in your market...
Yes. It’s true. It just happened to me! If you have blogs hosted on free platforms your links may not be counting… They may be tricking you and not allowing the blogs to be indexed by search engines. I just found out that a standard free blog on is not able to be indexed […]
I've been stressed lately. Overwhelmed is probably a better word. You can relate, I'm sure. There's always so much to tend to, take care of, fix, pay for, be here, be there, blah blah blah. I've been running circles around myself for the last few weeks...
Do you want to get more top rankings and free keyword targeted traffic in 2015? Check out the special offer for a huge 24,000 article library you can use on your websites that includes 1 Year of Blogging Underground free! Watch the video showing how easy it is to post articles with powerful keyword targeted […]
Is your hard drive a mess?? Learn simple systems for organizing your digital files, and for keeping those files safe. And how to dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency!
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