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Google started testing Adwords comparison ads last year and subsequently rolled out credit card comparison adverts in the UK during February this year. Typically the adverts have been within the usual top sponsored ad positions in the usual Adwords format at the expense of an advertiser. But check out this test I spotted earlier today [...]

Chitika |  LAX - Local Ad Exchange

Local advertising is definitely a sector we are extremely exciting to be getting into. We have partnered with some guru’s in the local ad industry, like YellowBook and CityGrid Media. The potential benefits of

Chitika | LAX are going to be plentiful for Chitika publishers as this will bring a great new way to monetize local traffic that was, until now, ignored.

LAX will work in two different ways, there will be a Chitika | LAX for Desktop

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& Chitika | LAX for Mobile. Your local search traffic on a standard home computer will see an ad featuring a map of local businesses matching what they’re looking (searching) for near them, as well as local listings- it will look something like this:

Lax For Desktop

For your mobile search traffic, LAX is the first solution that will automatically detect the mobile users and adjust their experience accordingly. One touch (touch to call) will allow potential customers to call local advertisers from the mobile ad. This ad will look something like this:

(click to enlarge)

Chitika | LAX will be available soon!!

Click here to learn more about Chitika | LAX

Click here to read our LAX Press Release


In addition to the current upgrades in the Chitika ad service, we have begun incorporating ads which pay per impression (CPM/CPI) along with pay per click (CPC) for your websites.

What is changing in my reports?

With the addition of these CPM ads, we will no longer be reporting on clicks. Because of this, the CPC and CTR values in your reports now become quite irrelevant and alter your focus from your actual revenue earnings. We feel that removing the CPC and CTR fields, will help you see the most important aspect of your earnings: your revenue.

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How should I read my reports?

Focusing on your impressions and the revenue earnings for those impressions will show you the CPM rate you are getting. Previously, your CPC and CTR stats did not include stats from CPM ads on your site. So as of today, your reports will now give you a breakdown of Impressions, CPM and Revenue.

Over the past couple of weeks Google have been testing new background colours for their Adwords ads again. Google changed from their usual blue background to a yellow back in 2007 which is what we see predominantly today in the SERPs.
Now it looks like testing time again, I am connecting to a DC with a [...]

The Chitika Mega Unit, launched exactly one year ago, due to a custom request from a publisher, and went on to do very well for other publishers.

The Mega unit is a non-conventional ad size, and Chitika is the only company that offers it. Because the ad unit did so well for a test group of publishers, we made it available for all. The Mega Unit comes in sizes: 550×250, 500×250.

We realize that some sites do not have the space to place such a wide ad unit, but you still would like to receive the benefits from it. So, now available is the Mega Unit Jr., si

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ze: 468×250:

This will give you the large, successful size of the Mega Unit for those who do not have a 550 or 500 pixel space.

To try this size out, simply edit the ad code on your page, or generate a new ad in your code panel:

This all began with feedback from you, please let us know what you’d like to see!

Since I complained about the geo problems in Googles UK SERPS last year, there have been improvements. Some of the generic phrases which I noted had non UK orientated sites (ie. sites that don’t even sell to the UK) in the results have improved significantly.
However, there is still a geo problem in the Google UK [...]
I came across an interesting report on TechCrunch today on ad networks with malware-infected advertisements.  The report referenced some statistics put out last month by the Avast! anti-virus team, warning people about a new bug making its way through the internet through advertisements.
The study posted the ad networks that spread the malware at the highest rate, and lo and behold, Chitika was nowher
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e to be seen.  The Chitika ad network appears to be safe.

I asked our CTO, Alden DoRosario, about what we can take away from this, and here’s what he said:
“The Chitika text ad units are currently one of the safest forms of ad revenue for publishers.  The text-based advertisers and the code that runs in each ad unit is written and controlled by Chitika — ensuring that no third-party code runs on your site.
“Historically, ad networks get into trouble when they take un-verified third-party code from advertisers and deploy it on their publishers’ sites.  This is very common in ad networks that run graphical ad units which need access to Flash and other scripting technologies.”
So there you have it, Chitika publishers.  Straight from the boss’s mouth – the Chitika ad network is one of the safest on the Internet.
Andy Beal wrote a guest column at WebProNews about click fraud. It seems there has been a drop in click fraud cases from last quarter until now. Beal asks the question, “is this drop a blip or a trend?”

Good question. I guess we won’t know until the next quarter so that we can see if [...]
The news today said retail sales are down. But online they’re holding, which is actually a virtual increase. From WebProNews:

For the holiday season through December 12, $19.44 billion has been spent online, about the same amount as last year. For the twelve days beginning with December 1 (Cyber Monday), the kick-off to the heaviest part [...]
There is an excellent article in today’s issue of SiteProNews about using Google AdWords. The author breaks his points down into 7 criteria for a good ad campaign. Here are the 7 criteria:

Use conversion tracking
Don’t use Google’s default settings
Keep a fixed schedule when optimizing keywords and ads
Study the competition before you begin
Treat your keywords, ads, [...]
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